Tak wygląda nowy Xbox. Wyciekły zdjęcia

This is what the new Xbox looks like. Photos leaked

Photos of the new Xbox console have been leaked. Unfortunately, this is not the model that some of the brand's fans were counting on.

There have been rumors about new devices that Microsoft is working on for a long time. One of them is supposed to be a handheld, but we don't really know much about it. The second console is the new version of Xbox Series X and it is what appeared in the new photos obtained by eXputer.

New Xbox Series X

Unfortunately, the new Xbox Series X is not a Pro version that would offer more powerful components. It's just a white model without a disc reader. It can be called Xbox Series X Digital. Apart from that, the device looks almost the same as the regular version with a Blu-ray drive.

New Xbox Series X Digital

That's not to say that the new Xbox hasn't undergone a few changes, although the details are unclear. The console will reportedly offer a slightly refreshed cooling system, thanks to which it may be slightly smaller than the regular model. However, all components responsible for performance should not differ in anything that would affect their computing power.

Xbox Series X Digital will probably be available at a lower price than a regular console. We should probably expect an amount around $400-450, as the standard Xbox Series X is priced at $500.

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