Tak wygląda Intel Lunar Lake. Znamy specyfikację

This is what Intel Lunar Lake looks like. We know the specifications

Are you looking for a new laptop? Are you looking for an efficient machine with a long operating time? It's worth waiting, because Intel Lunar Lake promises to be very good.

AMD and Intel they work hard on the next generations of processors. It is expected that in the case of the second company mentioned, we will see a family this year Arrow Lake for desktop computers and Lunar Lake for mobile devices. Both are expected to bring a lot of changes.

Intel will use TSMC's 3nm lithography

And although their premiere is still many months away, the German editorial office of Igor'sLAB has shared a photo of the Intel Lunar Lake system placed on a prototype motherboard. Earlier rumors are confirmed. In addition to the silicon core and modular structure, you can see integrated LPDDR5X memory chips.

The photographed CPU was taken in TSMC N3B lithography and equipped with 8 cores. We have 4 high-performance cores in the architecture here Intel Lion Cove and 4 energy-saving cores Intel Skymont. The whole thing is complemented by an integrated graphics system Intel Xe2-LPG based on architecture Intel ARC Battlemage.

This is what Intel Lunar Lake looks like.  We know the specifications

The iGPU is to be equipped with 8 Xe2 cores, so 64 execution units. Igor'sLAB sources report that according to internal tests up to twice as high efficiency. This would suggest Intel Lunar Lake may be the case a great system for portable consoles such as Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally etc.

The Intel Lunar Lake series is scheduled for release at the end of this year. It will ultimately be used in laptops, tablets and other portable devices where low weight and long operating time on a single charge are important.

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