this is the promise of Prixtel

And if it was finally time to save on your mobile plan? It’s all the harm that Prixtel wishes you with Le petit, a package for less than 5 euros that has never lived up to its name so well.

On the small mobile telephony market, Prixtel is a bit of a rebel, swimming against the tide of the competition. Where most incumbent players offer packages whose data envelope explodes as much as the price, the operator has decided to favor the portfolio of its customers. How ? With simple, no-frills plans that don’t sacrifice network quality.

This is especially true with the package located at the entrance of its catalog. Named Le petit, it stands out thanks to its price, which is among the lowest on the market. With a monthly invoice amounting to 4.99 euros, without commitment, Le petit is aimed directly at those who wish to reduce their mobile bill without cutting corners on the services offered.

Why choose the Le petit package offered by Prixtel?

There are several reasons for choosing the Le petit package offered by Prixtel. And the first, we will not hide from it, is undoubtedly its price. Currently, few packages fall below 10 euros. Imagine the number of packages whose monthly rate does not exceed 5 euros per month. If you want to save money and reduce your fixed costs, Le petit is probably the plan for you.

Another advantage in favor of this offer: its services. Despite its low price, it offers everything you would expect from a mobile plan in 2023. You will therefore have each month:

  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in the EU and the overseas departments, whether to these areas or to France;
  • 5 to 15 GB of data in 4G/4G+, usable in France or when roaming in the EU or in the overseas departments;
  • an option to block premium rate numbers;
  • Wi-Fi and 4G calls.

In order to offer unparalleled network quality, Prixtel has opted for SFR antennas. According to the latest data collected by ARCEP, the operator’s network covers 99% of the French population and nearly 95% of metropolitan France. It also offers excellent performance with an average download speed of 57 Mb/s and an average upload speed of 11 Mb/s.

Last asset in the purse of Prixtel: flexibility. If you know a little about how this operator works, you probably know that all the operator’s packages have a tier system. The latter make it possible to increase, when the need arises, the maximum volume of data usable in a month, in exchange for an increase in the bill. For Le Petit, this tier system works as follows:

  • from 0 to 5 GB consumed in a month, the price remains unchanged at 4.99 euros per month;
  • from 5 to 10 GB, the bill increases to 7.99 euros per month;
  • from 10 to 15 GB, the upper limit of this package, you will have to pay 9.99 euros per month.

However, this increase is temporary, the package returning to its basic formula at the beginning of the following month.

Prixtel: packages adapted to all needs and all budgets

Prixtel offers a very complete catalog of packages, capable of satisfying the most modest purses such as data eaters. As always with Prixtel, these packages are non-binding, flexible, and have one of the best price positions on the market. So many arguments that make them very attractive, especially when you see the prices charged by the competition.

In addition to the Le petit package, no less than three other packages await you:

  • Oxygen: this limited edition package is available from 7.99 euros per month for a data envelope of 40 GB. A volume that can be increased to 60 or 80 GB for 10.99 or 12.99 euros per month;
  • Great : offered at 9.99 euros per month for 100 GB of data in its basic version, Le Grand can increase its data envelope to 130 or 160 GB for 12.99 or 15.99 euros per month;
  • The giant : reserved for heavy data consumers, this plan offers a trifle of 160 GB of data in 5G for 14.99 euros in its basic version. Its flexibility allows it to be increased to 190 or 220 GB if the need arises, in exchange for an increase in the monthly bill to 17.99 or 20.99 euros per month.

The Oxygène and Le grand plans offer services similar to those of the Le petit plan (unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France and in the EU or overseas departments, 15 GB of data usable in the EU and in the overseas departments). The giant, for its part, offers some additional advantages such as increasing the roaming data envelope to 25 GB, unlimited calls to the USA and Canada, as well as 5G.

Finally, note that Prixtel is an eco-responsible operator that aims to limit its impact on the environment. How ? Well, by committing to offset the carbon emissions of its activity and the use of its customers’ packages. To do this, Prixtel regularly conducts campaigns with associations (Eco Tree, Sea&Co, Run for Planet, Save la Mermaid, etc.), or replants trees in France (9,000 in Loir-et-Cher in 2020 and 35,000 in Centre-Val de Loire in 2022).

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