Oto nowy procesor AMD Strix Point. Pojawił się w bazie Geekbench

This is the new AMD Strix Point processor. It appeared in the Geekbench database

A new AMD processor from the Strix Point series has appeared in the Geekbench database. The most powerful model is Ryzen 9.

AMD is preparing new mobile processors (for laptops) from the Strix Point series. These will be based on the Zen 5 architecture. The most powerful of them from the Ryzen 9 series has just appeared in the Geekbench database, although the program almost certainly reports its specifications incorrectly.

AMD Ryzen Strix Point processors

The processor was marked by Geekbench as “100-000000994-14_N”, which confirms that it is Ryzen 9 from the Strix Point series, because a similar name appeared in earlier reports. The system is equipped with 12 cores and supports 24 threads.

Geekbench reports that the processor is equipped with 16 MB of level three cache and 1 MB of level two cache. Almost 100 percent these are invalid values. The system should offer 24 MB L3 and 1 MB L2, but for each core, so a total of 12 MB.

Moreover, reports indicate that Ryzen 9 will be clocked at over 5.0 GHz, and the program showed only 2.0 GHz base clock and 1.4 GHz during the test. This is probably due to the early engineering version of the system, which has not yet achieved the full capabilities of the final product. Nevertheless, the CPU achieved 1217 in the single-core test and 8016 in the multi-core test, which of course places it far behind the competition, but this is due to the low clock.

AMD Strix Point processors are scheduled to be presented at Computex 2024 in June. Zen 5 cores are to be up to 40 percent. more efficient than Zen 4.

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