Oto najdroższy komiks na świecie. Kwota jest kosmiczna

This is the most expensive comic book in the world. The amount is astronomical

How much does the most expensive comic book in history cost? A record has just been broken. Someone paid as much as $6 million for one of the numbers.

In early April, a DC comic book went up for auction. Specifically, we're talking about Action Comics #1, in which Superman first appeared. As expected, it broke the record and became the most expensive comic book in history.

The most expensive comic book in history

Action Comics #1, although published in 1938, was rated 8.5 by CGC, which indicates very good quality. Only a small tear at the top of the spine, a small crease at the top left corner of the back cover, a tear with a crease at the top of the front cover, and “very light staple rust” were noted

Without Superman and Action Comics #1, who knows if the Golden Age of Comics would ever have existed – or if the medium would have become what it is today.

– said Barry Sandoval, vice president of Heritage Auctions.

Ultimately, the comic was sold for $6 million. Thus, it beat the previous record of $5.3 million, which belonged to the same issue, but with a lower quality rating of 8.0. Importantly, the first issue in which Superman appeared was only printed in 200,000 copies. copies, but about 100 copies have survived, of which the CGC graded 78 of them.

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