Taylor Swift trzęsienie ziemi

This is not a joke. Taylor Swift's fans caused… an earthquake

If you've ever heard the opinion that Taylor Swift concerts are a real earthquake, well, it may turn out to be more true than you expect.

We do not live in a vacuum and many of our actions influence what is happening around us. The obvious truth also indicates that larger events may have larger impacts. In the context of Taylor Swift's concert at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, seismologists from Edinburgh looked at them. Their results indicate that it was a very shocking experience.

Not bad, but not the best

The behavior of Taylor's fans at her Edinburgh concert was so intense that caused spikes in earthquake reading equipment. British Geological Survey (BGS) monitoring stations recorded traffic during the three-day Eras Tour, with one of them detected activity up to six kilometers away – reports The Guardian.

The researchers recorded the maximum result on June 7. The highest motion amplitude (the distance the substrate moves) was 23.4 nanometers (nm). This was caused, among other things, by jumping during the singer's performance. Fans are expected to compete in terms of the loudness and intensity of the standing ovation at the end of one of the songs, which could very well have contributed to this result. But Taylor hasn't been the best at shaking up Scotland's foundations.

According to the Guardian, this is a better result than Beyoncé's Renaissance tour performance (14 nm) or Bruce Springsteen's fans (13.8 nm), but it was a little short of the record result of 30.9 nm achieved by Harry Styles. The effects of Swift's concert were felt mainly in the immediate vicinity (half a kilometer from) the stadium where the concert took place.

Finally, it is worth adding that This isn't the first earthquake in Taylor's career. As Deadline reports, a study conducted by scientists from Caltech and UCLA found that Swift's July performance at Lumen Field in Seattle caused seismic activity equivalent to a magnitude 2.3 earthquake.

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