Tyle ma kosztować PlayStation 5 Pro

This is how much PlayStation 5 Pro will cost. It’s going to be a hit

PlayStation 5 Pro will probably debut at the end of the year. How much will the console cost? This was revealed by a well-known informant.

In this generation, just like in the previous one, Sony is preparing an improved version of its console. PlayStation 5 Pro, as rumors indicate, is to debut this year, specifically at the end of it, just before the holiday season. How much will we have to pay for it? An informant known in the industry found out about the probable price.

PlayStation 5 Pro price

In the latest video, the probable price of PlayStation 5 Pro was provided by the creator of the Moore’s Law is Dead channel. We are talking about the probable price, because for now these are just rumors. It is true that he is quite a well-known informant in the technology industry and has many rumors confirmed over time, but he also made a few mistakes. Therefore, it is worth approaching the possible price of PS5 Pro with great caution.

According to his knowledge, PlayStation 5 Pro will go on sale at a price of $499 in a version without a Blu-ray disc reader. Thus, Sony would have to reduce the price of the regular Slim model with a drive to $449 or even $399. In any case, PS5 Pro without Blu-ray will cost as much as the current PS5 Slim with a disc reader.

As for the specifications, what will be improved is the graphics system, which will receive either 60 or 56 CU units. The regular version of PS5 has 36 of them, so the performance increase should be significant. In addition, the processor is to be clocked higher, and the 16 GB of GDDR6 14 Gbps memory will be replaced by faster 18 Gbps chips. It is also possible to use an additional NPU (Neural Processing Unit).

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