To jest prawdziwa, gamingowa myszka. Mieści cały komputer

This is a real gaming mouse. It holds the entire computer

Today, the miniaturization of computer equipment allows us to build amazing projects. One of them is a computer completely enclosed in a mouse housing.

Have you ever wondered if it would be possible to enclose your entire computer in a mouse housing? Me neither, but a YouTuber called Electo asked himself this question. What’s more, he didn’t end with the question itself. He decided to turn the idea into a working product. Can we call the end result a real gaming rodent?

Computer in a gaming mouse

Electo not only fit computer components into the mouse, but also attached a small screen to it. This makes it a fully functioning PC that can run games. They may not work the best, because regular Minecraft has problems with achieving a smooth 20 frames per second, but this does not change the fact that the project itself is extremely interesting.

Moreover, this is not his only project of this type. Electo has made many similar modifications, including a huge mouse with a NUC computer inside, a keyboard with a projector, and a rodent model with an integrated keyboard. It’s clear that the YouTuber likes to implement the craziest ideas. They may have zero value in terms of use, but in this case it doesn’t matter much. What matters is having fun and just showing that you can do it.

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