This iPhone function that Samsung could integrate into the Galaxy S24

While we expected to see the satellite connection arrive on the Galaxy S23, it seems that Samsung is integrating it into its next high-end smartphones, the Galaxy S24. What already imagine the possible uses, with regard to the iPhone 14 and its emergency services.

It’s pretty easy to say that there aren’t big differences between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. Still, some people saved their lives by buying the iPhone 14 instead of the iPhone 13. Thanks with the satellite connection of the first, they were able to be rescued by rescuers in places where there was no mobile network. For the moment, only iPhones and Huawei smartphones offer this service with the Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro, but this may soon no longer be the case. It was the South Korean telecommunications minister who spilled the beans, as reported SamMobile : Samsung could get started, and we immediately think of the Galaxy S24.

The satellite connection at Samsung, it would be for next year

It is in an interview given to Yonhap News that Lee Jong-ho, Minister of Science and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) addresses the issue of satellite connection. Without affirming it with certainty, he indicates that ” domestic industry plans to commercialize the service [la connexion par satellite] next year, expecting a satellite communication standard to be prepared next year. »

If the Minister does not mention any builder of “ national industry one of them is pretty obvious. Among the smartphone brands in South Korea, until a few years ago there was LG, but that’s over. No, the other chaebolpride of the country, which manufactures cell phones, is Samsung.

The Galaxy S23s were ready for satellite communication, but not Samsung

However, as early as this year, Samsung could have offered a similar service to Apple. Indeed, the Galaxy S23 are equipped with the latest high-end SoC from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. This chip allows smartphones to connect to LEO satellites, for Low Earth Orbit: these are the satellites that operate in low orbit. , closest to Earth. But Samsung assumes it: its ecosystem was not ready and the brand had indicated at the beginning of the year to wait for it to be finalized.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, best photo smartphone, photo smartphone

Like Qualcomm, the company would work with Iridium Communications, which offers the provision of satellites. The founder’s next chip could even ridicule Apple. The latter for his part had chosen Globalstar, investing more than 450 million dollars. Satellite communication could therefore arrive on the Galaxy S24 which would arrive next February. Enough to send messages and make calls even when no mobile network is detected. What also trigger emergency signals to help if needed.

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