This generous 5G mobile plan drops to less than 15 euros when combined with a box offer

What if you combined internet box and 5G mobile plan to save money? This is what SFR currently allows, by reducing the price of your monthly bill by 20 euros.

If the average consumption of mobile data in France is measured at 15 GB per month according to ARCEP, some users logically consume (much) more. Travel enthusiasts, students, and more generally all those who regularly share their connection with their PC are the most affected.

For them, SFR has decided to lower the price of its best 5G package, with 200 GB. Initially set at 34.99 euros per month, this drops to 14.99 euros per month by combining it with the one of the operator’s box offers. To top it off, this mobile plan is non-binding and its price does not increase after one year.

Internet fiber and 5G package from 36 euros per month

SFR undertakes to reduce your bill by 20 euros every month if you combine its 200 GB 5G plan with one of its fiber optic subscriptions.

There are a total of three Internet fiber offers in the SFR catalog:

  • the SFR Starter Fiber with its upload and download speeds of 500 Mb/s, as well as its 160 TV channels included at 20.99 euros per month for 1 year (34.99 euros per month thereafter);
  • Fiber Power equipped with Wi-Fi 6, promising up to 2 Gb/s in download and 700 Mb/s in upload, and giving access to 200 TV channels is 29.99 euros per month for 1 year (39.99 euros per month thereafter);
  • Premium Fiber offering up to 8 Gb/s and 1 Gb/s in downstream and upstream speeds, as well as 200 TV channels is at 35.99 euros per month for one year (46.99 euros per month thereafter).

In addition, SFR offers you six months of free subscription to Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime with its Fiber Power offer, an advantage extended to nine months with Premium Fiber.

A huge 5G package at a mini price

No need to deprive yourself to fill up on gigabytes of data. By combining an SFR fiber subscription to its 200 GB 5G package, the latter benefits every month from a nice discount of 20 euros. Displayed at only 14.99 euros per month instead of 34.99 euros per month, this highly equipped mobile offer includes:

  • 200 GB of mobile data, 100 GB of which can be used from the French overseas departments and Europe;
  • unlimited calls and SMS in mainland France, but also from Europe and the overseas departments;
  • the quality of SFR’s 5G network.

In addition, this mobile plan is non-binding and its price does not increase after one year, rare advantages among incumbent operators.

Thanks to this most generous offer, you can use your smartphone without counting. 200 GB is more than enough to watch new series added to the catalog of your favorite streaming video platforms every day, scroll on TikTok, install this famous game everyone is talking about, and even share your internet connection with your PC. And this, including during your travels in Europe.

A series of advantages with this combined offer

In addition to the 20 euros monthly reduction granted by SFR on its 200 GB mobile plan, the combined Box + Mobile offer has other advantages for its subscribers, including those related to SFR Family.

The operator allows you to share up to 100 GB of mobile data with all your relatives equipped with a small SFR plan of 100 MB or 5 GB. Thanks to this feature, it becomes unnecessary to equip the whole family with big packages.

To go even further, the operator in the red square promises up to 20 euros of additional discount for each new mobile line attached to the SFR Family account and provides a free parental control tool. This option is normally offered at 5 euros per month.

Film buffs and music lovers are also in the spotlight of this promotional offer. SFR Cinema is currently available for just 5 euros per month instead of 10 euros and Deezer Premium is available for 1 euro per month for 4 months (10.99 euros per month thereafter), all without commitment. Perfect for occupying long summer evenings and tanning sessions by the sea.

Easy subscription

To take advantage of a discount of 20 euros on your bill, it’s very simple. Once on the SFR web page dedicated to the combined box + mobile offer, simply choose the desired fiber subscription (Starter, Power or Premium), then select the 200 GB mobile plan. The reduction is then automatically applied.

After checking your eligibility for the chosen fiber offer, the operator asks you to enter your name and contact details. Before finalizing the subscription, you can also indicate your RIO code (available by calling 3179 from your smartphone), so that SFR takes care of transferring your mobile line and terminating your old contract.

Are you already a SFR box customer? The procedure is even faster. Once you have identified yourself on the operator’s site, all that remains is to put the 200 GB package in your basket and pay 1 euro for the shipment of your new SIM card. And that’s all !

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