This futuristic Polestar concept simply blows our minds

Polestar lifted the veil at the Munich Motor Show on an impressive concept car directly resulting from a design competition organized by the brand.

It looks like it came straight from the series of concepts labeled Vision Gran Turismo, created specifically for the famous video game franchise. However, it is in the aisles of the 2023 Munich Motor Show which opens its doors this Tuesday, September 5 to the general public that the impressive Polestar show car is presented.

Her name ? Synergy. Its goal ? Question the design of the future of the brand’s models and impress us. Because we have to say it straight away, this Synergy concept will never arrive on the roads, neither here nor elsewhere. Damage. On the other hand, it fulfills an important role: that of highlighting young, upcoming automobile designers who one day, perhaps, will sign a real model for Polestar or another brand.

A springboard for young designers

Indeed, the Synergy concept presented here comes from a design competition set up by the brand several months ago. And we understand the name chosen for this show all the better because when we know that this is a sort of synthesis between the proposals made by three talented designers whose proposals were accepted.

Out of six hundred proposals, two exterior design visions and one interior design vision were selected. And obviously, to bring this concept to life and arrive at this full-scale model, we then had to collaborate with the internal design teams. And following the selection of the winning projects (including two winners based in France!) it took no less than six months to bring this Polestar Synergy to life.

The Polestar of the future?

The initial brief was to design a vehicle focused on the performance experience, while adding a sustainable dimension via advanced technologies. An entire program.

In any case, this is what made it possible to arrive at this Synergy concept which is a single-seater, as we can see as soon as the glass bubble rises to reveal the cockpit. 4.56 meters long and only 1.07 meters high, it displays very clean lines inspired by nature.

However, the exterior design takes up the markers of the Swedish brand, such as the very thin four-part optics which recall the recent Polestar 6. Or even the absence of rear window as on the Polestar 4.

The Polestar design competition has barely finished when next year’s is already announced, this time with a collaboration with Hot Wheels, the famous Mattel miniature brand.

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