this future function wants to make you want to make more calls on your tablet

In future updates of Android and applications, we could transfer our VoIP calls from our smartphone to our touch pad. Enough to make calls from your tablet, to take advantage of a larger screen for video, or to be able to search for something more easily during the conversation.

The arrival of the Pixel Tablet relaunched the development of Android features dedicated to touchscreen tablets. As reported XDA Developers, during the Google I/O 2023, Google presented a new development package for Android, named Telecom Jetpack. It could allow you to transfer calls from your smartphone to your tablet.

What Tablet Call Forwarding Might Look Like

Calls with WhatsApp, Google Meet, Messenger and others can be made from a smartphone, but also from a tablet. The advantage with the latter is that we have a larger screen and potentially better speakers. Today, you have to pick up from your tablet to make your calls. That could become history, thanks to Telecom Jetpack.

This tool allowssupport for transparent audio switching and routing, as well as call forwarding for VoIP applications“. Google thus imagined what this could be used for in a screenshot shared during a Google I/O conference: during a Google Meet call, with a call transfer button, allowing it to be broadcast on a Pixel tablet. For the moment, Telecom Jetpack is still in initial version and the developers can test this one.

No phone calls at this time

It is possible that one day it will concern telephone calls “classics“, but for the moment, it is limited to only VoIP calls, that is to say calls via messaging or videoconferencing applications. This isn’t the first time Google has worked on such a feature.

In 2021, the company was preparing “Nearby Calling», «Call nearby“: a feature that allowed you to access calls received by your smartphone on your Nest Hub when you were near it. Since then, nothing, except that the Pixel Tablet came out.

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