This fluorescent bike path could be cyclists’ best ally at night

Le Mans Métropole is currently experimenting with a whole new kind of cycle path. On the road from la Simonière to Allones, a photoluminescent paint has been applied to the ground to improve visibility and safety for cyclists.

For several years now, fluorescent cycle paths have been running through the minds of some elected officials. They have already been tested on several occasions, such as in Montpellier in 2022 or Pessac in 2018, without however being generalized throughout France. Poland or the Netherlands also made some tests.

This altogether singular idea has apparently seduced a new agglomeration, which could apply it more widely in the near future. This is Le Mans Métropole, which is currently experimenting with its very first fluorescent cycle path on the route de la Simonière in Allones.

Reassure cyclists

The portion in question was not chosen at random. On TwitterLe Mans Métropole specifies that “unlit cycle sectionsare the main targets of this trial. The idea is to restore visibility to cyclists in areas plunged into darkness once the sun has fallen.

fluorescent bike path

By extension, this little sleight of hand thanks to photoluminescent paint aims to enhance the safety of cyclists, whether they ride a muscle bike or an electric bike. This is a particularly interesting idea in the countryside, where many roads are not artificially lit.

In the case of a fluorescent track, all the signage stands out visually on your way. This allows you to stay on your lane – if the track is two-way – but also to anticipate certain situations. In short, make sure you feel more comfortable cycling at night.

Very useful in rural areas

This process is probably not useful in the city, where the streets are mostly illuminated by streetlights and other lighting. On the other hand, it makes sense everywhere else, especially in rural areas where the absence of lighting can hinder some users from traveling by bicycle, for lack of secure roads.

As we know, the safety of cyclists is an essential point to further democratize the use of bicycles. This is why Le Mans Métropole could deploy this painting “in other areas” in the future. And perhaps inspire other municipalities? The future will tell.

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