this first preview of the update shows a huge change

Samsung published and then deleted a visual showing an important change for the future One UI 6 (Android 14) interface. The quick settings panel is indeed significantly modified.

Do you have a Samsung smartphone and can’t wait to update it to One UI 6? Good news, you will be able to get a first idea of ​​the look of the future version of the interface which will be based on Android 14 thanks to a visual.

Indeed, Samsung Germany has released a statement regarding the launch of the One UI 6 beta program for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra series. However, it seems that this is a small error since the page in question has been deleted.

Nevertheless, the leaker Alvin shares, on Twitter, an image of the press release in question.

One UI 6: a big change for quick settings

On the visual, we can see the quick settings panel of Samsung One UI 6.0 in two forms.

  • Partially lowered: we only see six quick settings tiles and notifications.
  • Fully lowered: you can see all the tiles.

It is precisely on this second screen that we can particularly linger, because the organization of the different options changes quite drastically. Thus, on this preview of One UI 6, we see a pane of quick settings divided into several sections.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controls take up more space and thus share a nice portion of the top of the screen. The traditional tiles remain grouped in a large frame in the center. Just below, the screen brightness control bar spreads out a little more and is accompanied by two clearly visible buttons: one for the eye comfort option, the other for the dark mode.

Finally, at the very bottom, there are two enlarged inserts: Smart View, on the left, and device control for home automation, on the right. For comparison, here is what this same quick settings panel looks like on Samsung One UI 5.

It looks like One UI 6 will be the biggest update of any One UI release in recent years. Alvin wrote in his Twitter post. THE leaker perhaps gets carried away a little quickly (even if the future may prove him right). Anyway, visually, this part of the user experience will mark its difference with previous generations of the interface.

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