This fiber offer at 19.99 euros is much more generous than the others

Bouygues Telecom has launched a special Bbox fiber offer for the start of the school year at just 19.99 euros per month. Please note, there are only a few days left to take advantage of it, this offer ends on October 15.

Fiber subscriptions for less than 20 euros are not that rare, but at this price, you usually have to accept some concessions. It is on this point that Bouygues Telecom stands out with its Special Bbox offer at 19.99 euros per month for the first year (37.99 euros per month thereafter).

For such a low price, the operator does not neglect any essential service. Boosted speeds, a 4K TV decoder, access to more than 180 channels, not forgetting unlimited international calls: nothing is omitted. But to benefit from such a comprehensive and affordable offer, you have to act quickly, as it is only available until October 15.

A low price for a maximum of services

Although this Special Bbox offer is launched below 20 euros, it turns out to be rather generous. Bouygues Telecom offers excellent speeds for such an affordable subscription: up to 1 Gb/s download and 700 Mb/s upload. In fact, the market average is around 500 Mb/s for equivalent offers.

Such speeds are very popular with gamers looking for performance, but not only that. With such a connection, there is no need to arbitrate between the activities of the whole family. You can be in a video meeting while some watch Netflix and others play online, all without experiencing any slowdown.

In addition, Bouygues Telecom includes a 4K TV decoder in this special offer, with access to a large catalog of more than 180 channels. A nice surprise, this type of service is generally optional and not included in packages costing less than 20 euros.

Easy to install and space-saving with its minimalist square design, this TV box also allows you to record programs, return to the beginning if you arrived too late, pause it, or even access the replay of all channels included. There is therefore no risk of missing the final of the selections of Top chef or the latest episodes of This is Us.

And to top it all off, Bouygues Telecom has also included telephony in its offering, with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles based in France, as well as to landlines in more than 110 countries (including the French Overseas Territories, Morocco, Israel). , China and even the United States).

Internet guaranteed in all circumstances

While Bouygues Telecom has one of the most competitive offers on the market, it is also recognized for the quality of its services. The operator also obtained first place in the nPerf ranking for the performance of its Wi-Fi connections.

And so that you are never deprived of the Internet, the Internet service provider (ISP) provides you with a 4G key including 200 GB of mobile data, as soon as you subscribe to fiber. This mini-box can be sent by La Poste or collected from the Bouygues Telecom store of your choice.

This way, you don’t have to wait to be connected to fiber to have internet access. This key can also be of great help in the event of a breakdown in your box. In these critical moments, the operator credits you with a generous amount of data on request, while the fiber connection is re-established.

Here’s how to subscribe to this Bbox offer as quickly as possible

This Special Bbox offer at 19.99 euros per month for the first year ends on October 15. If you want to benefit from it, you must subscribe quickly. The procedure is very simple and everything happens online, from the operator’s website. But before you start, remember to check that you are eligible for this offer by indicating your address.

Other prerequisites: if you wish to keep your telephone number and entrust Bouygues Telecom with the termination of your contract with your current ISP, you must call 31 79 from your landline to obtain your RIO identifier.

To proceed with the subscription, you then simply indicate this code alongside your contact details, as well as your RIB, and pay the 48 euros cost of putting the line into service. Within a few days, you will receive all the equipment by post, before a technician connects the fiber.

Small bonus: Bouygues Telecom undertakes to reimburse you up to 100 euros for the termination fees required by your former access provider.

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