This electric supercar is paying a high price for its 1000 km of autonomy

Fisker has just shared new details about its upcoming hyper-powerful convertible coupe, the Ronin, including the price. The good news is that if you’re rich, you can already book it.

It didn’t take more than a week to hear about Fisker and its coupé-cabriolet revealed on August 4th. It was in the midst of four other models, including a pick-up, a small urban SUV, an extreme SUV and the Ocean that we had been able to try, that Henrik Fisker surprised his world with this real luxurious GT called Ronin.

A week later, the adjective “luxurious” used by the CEO of the brand actually takes on its full meaning since we discover its price. And to drive from “Los Angeles to Napa Valley” or from “Paris to Saint-Tropez” as the presentation said, you will have to have deep pockets. But the good news is that if you decide to buy two outright, Fisker resolves to give you a small discount. One seven hundred and seventieth of the price. Nice.

An exorbitant price, a very limited series

Come on, maybe it’s time for some of you reading this to crack up and shell out $2,000. Anyway, that’s only for the reservation. Then, you will have to pay a total of 385,000 dollars to have the right to ride in the Fisker Ronin. This is the equivalent of 350,000 euros at the current exchange rate.

Still, if the car is scheduled to arrive in 2025 on our roads, it is therefore possible to already deposit a deposit as we said of 2000 euros (1821 euros), reduced to 1000 euros (910 euros ) if you have 770,000 dollars (about 701,000 euros) in your account to give to Fisker. And refundable with that. We do not know what this symbolic discount corresponds to, which is not really one since the deposit will be deducted from the final price anyway.

In any case, this very high price can be explained as well by the fact that Fisker will only produce its GT in a limited series of 999 copies. And by the fact that the model promises to be as innovative as it is efficient.

Different personalities

In reality, the Fisker Ronin, whose name aptly refers to John Frankenheimer’s 1998 film of the same name starring Robert De Niro, isn’t exactly a surprise. As early as May of last year, Fisker had talked about his “Project Ronin” as the third model in the boxes. Then in July, a photo of the car in the dark was presented.

Still, we were perhaps not expecting such an innovative and versatile vehicle: both a coupé and a convertible once the hard roof (in carbon) is folded into the trunk, it can accommodate five people. on board. The front doors open like a butterfly, while the rear doors are said to be “suicide”. Enough to help access on board while the place for luggage also promises to be important, in particular thanks to a trunk in the front.

Fisker also calls his car “the most sustainable supercar in the world” thanks to the use of recycled materials to make the interior of the car. A 17.1-inch screen is provided in the center for infotainment.

Nearly 1000 km of autonomy

In terms of numbers, Fisker also dazzles us with an announced power of 1000 horsepower, allowing the car to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in “about” two seconds and a top speed of 275 km/h.

On the autonomy side, we are not very far from the symbolic bar of 1000 km since Fisker announces very precisely 965 km possible on a single charge. Looking forward to 2025 to discover all this on the road.

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