This electric cafe racer backfires like a thermal motorcycle

In Germany, the company Metorbike has created a small electric motorcycle as noisy as a combustion engine. His secret? An engine noise generator, capable of reproducing the sound of internal combustion mechanics.

Apart from air and rolling noises, and sometimes the whistling of the belt or chain when the motor is not directly integrated into the wheel, nothing disturbs the silent operation of an electric motorcycle.

While some believe that this is a real benefit compared to a combustion engine, others deplore the absence of engine purring, which they associate with a lack of character. Hence the idea of ​​the German company Metorbike: to offer an electric motorcycle that makes the noise of a thermal vehicle, can we read on The Pack.

Of the voice but a little short of breath

Halfway between the café racer and the moped, the Metorbike machine is predestined above all for urban use. First because it does not exceed 45 km / h, and then because its autonomy is limited to about 60 km. The possibility of having a second battery as an option will nevertheless correct this defect.

Delivering a nominal power of 2.72 hp (9.5 peak hp), the electric motor is linked to the rear wheel by a chain. It is powered by a 1.63 kWh battery, which must be plugged in for 3 to 4 hours to be fully recharged.

Placed under the engine, the artificial sound generator imitates the sound of a thermal motorbike and even simulates gear changes. For those willing to pay a little extra, Metorbike offers a second more advanced system, with 8 different sounds. The electric café racer therefore manages to reproduce the sound of a car with a V6 or V10 engine… It can also return to an “electro” sound more in line with what it really is.

The sound intensity is adjustable, and the generator can even be completely deactivated to find the silence of the electric. Settings are made on the handlebar touch meter.

The possibilities in terms of customization are numerous and concern both the color of the fairings and the finish of the saddle (choice of upholstery, wooden backrest, etc.). The options catalog also includes aluminum switchgears (instead of the original plastic elements) as well as a luminous logo for the sides.

The customer can also request specific inscriptions on the leather handlebar grips and choose the number of his copy.

Limited distribution… and hefty bill!

Metorbike has decided to limit the production of its small motorcycle to 50 units. An exclusivity that is expensive, since it will cost 7,749 euros to acquire a copy. And again, this is the “basic” price, without any customization option or the second battery at 990 euros.

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