This electric bike like no other can carry a child… in the front

Vélomad lifts the veil on a brand new electric bike called Cargo Mad. His particuliarity ? The integration of a Joker fork, which can accommodate a child in the front, or even a small loading box for transporting belongings.

After a prolific year 2022 for electric cargo bikes, with sales up 96% compared to 2021, the 2023 vintage also promises to be colorful. It’s simple: all the manufacturers seem to be positioning themselves in the niche of longtails, two-wheelers or three-wheelers.

Recently, several players have invited themselves to the party, like Cube and its Longtail Hybrid, Specialized with the Haul LT, Cannondale with its Wonderwagen and Cargowagen or even Peugeot with the Digital eLongtail. Without forgetting a gaggle of references released previously, and for the most part tested by CssTricks.

A Joker fork made in France

And since not a month goes by without a company releasing its first electric cargo ship, it’s the turn of the French Velo Mad to get up to speed. Here is the Cargo Mad, which is characterized by its compactness but also and above all by its fork made in France supplied by Joker Bike (Auvergne Rhône Alpes).

This unique fork broadens the range of possibilities: it allows you to install a child seat for transporting your children, or to attach a loading bin to store belongings. Everything is installed on a 20-inch wheel supposed to improve stability.

cargo mad

The only question: to what extent can the weight of a child at the front impact the handling of the cycle, particularly at low speed? An answer that we will give you in a complete test. At the rear, you have to count on a more classic wheel size of 27.5 inches.

In terms of loading capacity, the child’s pack can support up to 40 km, for a capacity of 80 liters for the loading bin. It is entirely possible to install a child seat in the rear to travel with not one, but two toddlers.

You may have noticed, but this Cargo Mad takes the basis of the Urban 2 already tested by CssTricks. You must therefore count on a Shimano Tiagra 10-speed transmission, hydraulic disc brakes, a 460 Wh battery (range up to 70 km) and a motor providing a torque of 45 Nm.

Between 2690 and 2950 euros depending on the options

A hallmark of Mad bikes, the Brooks B17 Standard leather saddle is standard, as are the Brooks handles. You also have to count on a central stand – very practical for stabilizing the bike when stationary and with loads -, 2 colors (white and black), a charging time of 2 hours 30 minutes and a total weight of 22 kg.

Prices depend on the options chosen: 2690 euros basic, but 2950 euros with the child pack (side protection bar, wheel skirt, wheel, seat and footrest), specifies the press release sent to the editorial staff. The Cargo Mad is available in two sizes: 45 or 50.

This model can be discovered exclusively at the Paris and Rouen showrooms, at 11 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire (11th arrondissement) for one, and at 56 rue Saint-Éloi for the other. The opportunity to discover it with your own eyes, and incidentally to try it. A retrofit is also possible for owners of an Urban 2, for 950 euros in total.

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