This connected ring breaks prices with a much more accessible price than its competitors

The manufacturer Omate has unveiled its first connected ring, the Ice Ring, sold by the Belgian company Ice Watch and offered at 100 euros less than the big names in the sector.

While the market for connected rings begins to develop while awaiting the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Ring early next year, the Chinese brand Omate, owned by Frenchman Laurent Le Pen, hit hard this Monday.

The manufacturer unveiled in partnership with the Belgian company Ice Watch, specializing in entry-level connected watches, its first connected ring, the Ice Ring. This is the second French-speaking player to unveil a device of this type after the Circular brand, behind the Ring Pro and the Ring Slim, presented last week.

Like its competitors – we think of the Oura Ring, the Ultrahuman Ring One or the Noise Luna Smart Ring – the Ice Ring is a health-oriented connected ring that will analyze your heart rate, the quality of your sleep, your sports activity, the oxygen level in your blood or the variability of your heart rate. The data measured by the ring can then be sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth using an iPhone and Android compatible application.

Battery life of 4 to 6 days

The Ice Ring is also available in five sizes depending on the size of the user’s finger. It is designed with a gold, black or silver titanium exterior coating and a transparent interior coating to analyze heart rate. The ring is also waterproof with IP68 certification and can therefore be used both when washing your hands and when swimming at shallow depths. In terms of autonomy, the Ice Ring is announced as being able to operate for 4 to 6 days. Finally, the watch is relatively thin with an announced thickness of 2.5 mm – compared to 2.2 mm for the Circular Ring Slim ring – and a weight of 2.9 grams.

The Ice Ring

But where the Ice Ring stands out is especially in terms of price. The connected ring is announced in France at a price of 199 euros and does not require an additional subscription. For comparison, the Oura Ring is priced from 299 euros (with a subscription of 6 euros per additional month), the Circular Ring Slim is priced at 229 euros during the pre-order period and the Ultrahuman Ring Air is priced at 229 euros during the pre-order period. at 273 euros.

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