this compatibility will give it an even longer life

The LineageOS custom ROM now supports an additional device, and not least: the Google Pixel Tablet. This support will, among other things, extend the software life of the slate within a few years.

You buy your devices for the long term and you are not afraid to install a custom ROM to extend their life by a few years? So the week is off to a good start for you. We learned, just before the weekend, that LineageOS (one of the most popular custom ROMs) now supports the brand new Google Pixel Tablet, launched in June. Its future in terms of software is therefore a little more assured.

In detail, LineageOS 20, based on Android 13, supports Google’s new slate. As often on the most recent products, the installation of the ROM proves to be relatively complex and is therefore reserved for advanced or experienced users in this area.

Install LineageOS on the Pixel Tablet: what for?

If installing a ROM is often the ideal solution to extend the software life of a device when it is no longer supported by its manufacturer (this will be the case with the Pixel Tablet in a few years) , this technique can also be used on recent devices, for several reasons.

As rightly pointed out NextPitinstalling LineageOS on the Pixel Tablet allows for example to obtain an Android experience even more “ pure than that offered by Google. It also allows you to take advantage of greater flexibility on the software level, while having, as we have said, longer software assistance, thanks to the provision of security patches and updates. major, even after scrapping ” official of the device by its manufacturer.

Installing LineageOS also helps to avoid all bloatware and other apps pre-installed by Google on the Pixel Tablet. This also applies to the various applications of the Californian giant. This solution is therefore perfect for those who would like to take advantage of the Google Pixel Tablet… without being linked to Google on the software level, or being the target of its perpetual collection of personal data. Once LineageOS is installed, the user can indeed limit themselves only to third-party services, which are more respectful of privacy.

If you have a Google Pixel Tablet and want to migrate it to LineageOS 20, note that some very specific features may not work properly. The functions related to the charging dock have, for example, not yet been tested.

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