This combo mobile plan + internet fiber is much more economical than your current subscriptions

Bouygues Telecom is launching a special offer combining a very good mobile plan with a neat fiber offer, all at an affordable price that does not double after a year.

One of the easiest ways to increase your purchasing power without restricting yourself is by managing your mobile and landline subscriptions. Bouygues Telecom thus invites consumers to abandon their aging and often overcharged packages for a unique combo. The operator is launching a flash sale including a 5G 100 GB mobile plan, a 1 Gb/s fiber offer and a 4K TV decoder.

His strength ? An affordable price, more attractive than if you subscribed to two different offers. This special series plan costs 44.98 euros monthly, with a 24-month commitment.

No concessions on the mobile plan

If Bouygues Telecom’s flash sale manages to maintain an attractive price, it does not do so with the help of concessions on the mobile plan. The operator offers a 5G offer, with a data envelope of 100 GB. Enough to watch up to 155 hours of streaming content every month or share your connection without running out of data.

Better, it is possible to use up to 50 GB of data within Europe, the overseas departments, Andorra and Switzerland. Not to mention unlimited calls and SMS in mainland France, Switzerland and the overseas departments, as well as unlimited MMS in mainland France.

This package is based on Bouygues Telecom’s 4G and 5G networks, the first of which covers 99% of metropolitan France and the second is present in most major cities. The user therefore benefits from good coverage, both urban and rural.

A fixed package that does not forget the TV

In view of the characteristics of the mobile plan, one can wonder if maintaining a good quality-price ratio is not done thanks to the fiber plan. Again, Bouygues Telecom surprises by drawing a very generous offer.

This guarantees a muscular speed since it peaks at 1 Gb / s in download and 700 Mbit / s in sending. Suffice to say that a game like Diablo IV only takes 12 minutes to download with such a connection.

A fixed telephone line is also included, with unlimited calls to landlines in France in more than 110 countries. Please note that the limit is set at 199 different correspondents. Beyond that, you will have to pay a few euros to cover the non-package.

Finally, television is not left out since there is a Bbox 4K TV box. Running on Android TV, this box gives access to a bouquet of 180 channels and numerous applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+. It even allows you to record up to 100 hours of programs for later viewing.

Savings over several years

Where most offers on the market show a price of around 70 euros per month, the special series combo from Bouygues Telecom is only billed at 44.98 euros per month. A price that does not double after a year, as is often the case with this type of package.

For two years, therefore, the minimum commitment period, the subscriber is guaranteed to pay 44.98 euros per month.

Subscribe to the special series package

Subscribing to the Bouygues Telecom flash sale is as simple as it is quick. Once on the operator’s site, it is possible to check its eligibility for fiber. When this is done, Bouygues Telecom offers to keep the same line number. However, you must provide your RIO code, obtained by dialing 31 79 from your current landline.

The installation of the new offer is done without the slightest interruption of Internet services. When changing suppliers, all termination procedures are taken care of by Bouygues Telecom, as well as any costs, up to 100 euros.

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