This city is the first in the world to permanently ban thermal cars

While France is tearing its hair out over the ZFEs, less than 3 hours by plane from Paris, Stockholm has taken a radical decision: banning thermal cars from its city center. And this in less than 2 years.

This European city, which is less than three hours by plane from Paris, has just taken a radical decision: to completely and permanently ban its thermal cars from its center. And this from 2025. This is what Stockholm has just decided, which has just announced that it would be the first city in the world to implement such a decision by banning gasoline and diesel vehicles. The goal ? Reduce pollution, of course, but also the noise generated by combustion engines.

The Swedes owe this decision to Lars Stromgren, in charge of transport and the urban environment for the capital’s town hall. According to him, it is imperative to act quickly to ensure that the city’s poor air quality does not cause more deaths among the elderly or lung diseases among newborns.

How is this supposed to happen?

In fact, from 2025, an area covering no less than 20 blocks of the city center will be completely banned from combustion engines. This covers in particular the financial district as well as the main shopping areas. Only electric vehicles will be authorized to drive in this zone, the surface area of ​​which could also increase. A decision to this effect will be taken quickly after the system comes into force.

In an interview given to the media Air Quality News, the elected official who belongs to the Swedish Environment Party “Miljöpartiet de gröna” explained that if other European cities are in the process of setting up low-emission zones, the famous EPZs, citing Madrid, Athens or Paris, its decision goes further.

As a reminder in France, in 2025, 43 urban areas with more than 150,000 inhabitants will have to have established an ZFE-m, like what is already done in 11 metropolises in France requiring users to have the Crit’Air sticker relating to their vehicle in order to be able to travel there. But the implementation is gradual, and takes a little delay each year.

A radical decision, but some exceptions

In reality, if gasoline and diesel vehicles are banned from the center of Stockholm from 2025, there are still a few exceptions. Starting with motorcycles and scooters which will apparently remain authorized and are not taken into account in the system.

Another question that arises: what about hybrid vehicles, which combine thermal and electric? Plug-in hybrids will be allowed, even for delivery trucks. And it goes without saying that emergency vehicles, such as those of the police, ambulances or certain vehicles adapted for the transport of disabled people will also be able to do without running on electric power to enter the center of Stockholm.

Give space to bicycles and pedestrians

This decision, while it goes in the direction of reducing noise and polluting emissions, also aims to reduce traffic in the city center and provide space for both pedestrians and bicycles.

However, the municipal opposition denounces this action, deeming it too radical and explaining that the majority wanted to make their city an experimentation zone, while there are other alternatives to push electric mobility such as mobility aid. purchase, the installation of terminals, or more advantageous prices for their parking.

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