this Chinese rival wants to ridicule her on all levels

Zeekr is not yet in Europe with its 001 that it already entices us with a supercharged version of its sedan. Will she have enough to measure up to the Tesla Model S Plaid?

We hear more and more about Zeekr. It must be said that the Chinese firm, owned by the Geely group alongside Lotus, Volvo or even Lynk & Co, multiplies the announcement effects. And if with us it is the urban SUV Zeekr X which should have the favor of customers, for the time being it is the Zeekr 001 which is talking about it.

We have just learned that this large sedan, which is halfway between a Tesla Model 3 (to which it is closer in terms of price) and a Model S (to which it is closer in size) is ready to land in Europe. The first copies intended for the Old Continent have just come off the production lines of the Ningbo factory, which will arrive in Sweden and the Netherlands from October 2023.

But that’s not all since Zeekr is now telling us about a new supercharged version of its sedan, called 001 FR.

Zeekr attacks hard!

The reason why the Zeekr 001 is regularly talked about is that it is presented as the sedan capable of driving 1000 km on a single charge, at least according to the Chinese homologation cycle . But now it’s this version that promises top-notch performance that once again puts the 001 in the spotlight.

Moreover, the Chinese manufacturer seems so sure of himself that he does not hesitate to mention, if not to say ridicule, one of the most efficient electric cars in the world: the Tesla Model S Plaid. In the tweet comment which accompanies the two photos of the Zeekr 001 FR, the brand begins with this: “Plaid is dull”. Whose translation could be: “The Plaid is dull”. Or “boring”. Just that.


As a reminder, the Californian has no less than 1020 horsepower, a 0 to 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h (or even more than 320 km/h in the USA). All with a range of 600 km. We will therefore have to work hard for this Zeekr 001 FR to make this Plaid “dull”.

A flashy design

If we don’t yet know what the underside of this Zeekr 001 FR has in store for us, the photos reveal a design that does indeed evoke sportiness. And in a much different way than a Tesla Model S Plaid. If the latter relies on discretion, with only a badge on the rear hatch to distinguish it from the “basic” Model S, here the Chinese manufacturer is playing the racing car card.

New, more open front bumper, red blade brushing the bitumen, rear diffuser with red edging, not to mention a “cat’s ear” spoiler on the top of the boot, and a large spoiler placed on the tailgate: difficult to go unnoticed! It is still necessary to add the large rims to the design certainly sporty but which one does not distinguish well on the first shots.

A “dull” Plaid… physically only?

Perhaps Zeekr’s small poke on the networks at Tesla and its Plaid only refers to the physicality of the car, the discretion desired by the American manufacturer may indeed appear to be “dull” compared to to this 001 bodybuilder.

Nevertheless, as it is photographed on the circuit, we are impatiently waiting to see what all this hides and if this Zeekr 001 FR will dare to attack the record of the Tesla Model S Plaid on the Nürburgring which has consecrated it as a car world’s fastest production electric on the famous German circuit.

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