This cheap VPN does not overlook important features

Prices for VPN subscriptions range from single to quadruple. But that doesn’t mean that the most accessible VPNs are the least feature-rich. The proof with Surfshark.

Dedicated IP, double VPN, killswitch… Surfshark is a service that doesn’t skimp on features to help its subscribers enjoy safe and private web browsing.

So many options that could inflate the monthly bill, but which remain affordable at Surfshark. Indeed, the 2-year subscription to Surfshark’s VPN is thus billed at 2.30 euros / month, or 59.76 euros in total. A total saving of 82% on the monthly subscription. Not to mention that Surfshark offers two months of free subscription for any new subscription. Better, a 30-day money-back guarantee is available to test the VPN.

Stay discreet on the Internet

At a time when personal data is worth gold on the Internet and there are many scams, choosing a way to protect your web browsing is important. And the best solution currently remains the VPN.

A service that Surfshark provides brilliantly. This VPN uses AES 256 encryption to protect and encrypt a user’s personal data. Better, Surfshark does not keep any connection logs, which makes the passage on its servers untraceable. Even the Internet service provider is kept in the dark about the use of a VPN by one of its customers.

Recently, Surfshark unveiled a new service named Dedicated IP. Optional, it allows each user of the service to benefit from a unique IP address, but different from that provided by the Internet service provider. A strategy that allows you to browse sites and services that are sensitive to constant changes in IP addresses or to protect all connected objects using this address. Surfshark can locate the IP address in one of four countries: USA, Germany, UK and Netherlands. To take advantage of this service, it is necessary to have a Surfshark VPN subscription, and to subscribe to this option for 3.75 euros per month. To activate it, simply log into your Surfshark VPN account and select the “Dedicated IP Address” option. There, it only remains to choose the country in which the address should be located.

Of course, Surfshark also provides access to an IP rotation option which automatically and regularly modifies the IP address, without forcing a disconnection from the server. An effective way to avoid being tracked on the web. And with the double VPN, also present in the Surfshark subscription, the Internet user is connected simultaneously to two VPN servers located in two different countries. Enough to enjoy a double dose of protection.

If something goes wrong, Surfshark can activate the killswitch. This system automatically blocks Internet access in the event of a sudden disconnection from a VPN server. The user therefore does not have his data siphoned off without his knowledge while waiting to reconnect to the VPN.

An easy-to-use VPN

One of the great strengths of Surfshark VPN is that it’s very easy to get started with. When the application is launched, all it takes is a few clicks to choose from among the 100 countries accessible throughout the world, and thus relocate its connection to one of the 3,200 Surfshark servers. A connection that is made quickly moreover since some servers have a speed of 10 Gb / s.

The use of a VPN can have an impact on the fluidity of navigation. To answer this problem, Surfshark comes up with two solutions. The first is the split tunneling. This option allows you to exclude a website or application from VPN protection. For example, the user can download a game on Steam, without the latter being linked to the VPN network and therefore suffers from a drop in speed.

The second is the CleanWeb 2.0 feature. This automatically blocks ads, cookie collection messages and unwanted pop-ups. The pages are more readable, less greedy in speed or mobile data, and therefore faster to load. Even streaming content benefits from this cleanup.

Up to 82% savings

The ultimate strength of Surfshark VPN is its price. It can boast of displaying the best value for money of the moment. The cost of the subscription is set at 2.30 euros per month, for a total of 59.76 euros after 24 months. For its new subscribers, Surfshark even goes so far as to offer two additional months of subscription.

And as if that weren’t enough to convince Internet users to fall for a VPN that’s as secure as it is fast, Surfshark offers its customers to test the service for 30 days. If they are not satisfied, Surfshark reimburses the first monthly payment before terminating the contract.

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