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It’s official, Tesla has just acquired the German company Wiferion, which specializes in wireless charging solutions for electric cars. We wonder when it will be offered to customers?

Autonomy is still a delicate subject for motorists

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, sometimes still hesitant at the idea of ​​going electric. However, charging your vehicle is now increasingly easy, thanks to the development of charging stations, which are particularly numerous in France. But that’s not all.

Finally official!

Indeed, more and more equipment manufacturers are also interested in another charging solution for electric vehicles. This is induction, already widespread in smartphones. Moreover, Tesla already offers this technology for the latter, thanks to a base unveiled at the end of last year. But the firm wants to go further.

The company is indeed very interested in this solution for electric cars. In any case, this is what recent and explicit news suggests. The German site Tesla Magazine announces that the American company, which today remains the world number 1 in electrics, has taken a new step: it has just formalized its acquisition of the German company Wiferion.

To tell the truth, it’s not really a surprise, since this project had already been in the cards for a few weeks. Last June, we already announced in our columns that the manufacturer had the ambition to buy this company. For those who have never heard of it, the latter is precisely specialized in inductive charging solutions. Based in Fribourg, it describes itself as a “leading supplier of automatic cordless feeding systems“.

Having started its activities in 2015, it has since worked with over 100 companies since its launch, before entering the fold of Tesla for the amount of 76 million dollars. A takeover confirmed by the company’s website, which displays in its footer the mention “Tesla Engineering German GmbH 2023“.

A future solution?

Until then, Wiferion had not wished to confirm that she was being bought by Tesla, simply referring to an “interesting buyer”. It now remains to be seen when this inductive charging technology will be offered to customers of the American manufacturer, which is currently working on its restyled Model 3. Because for now, no deadline has yet been confirmed, and we know that the firm is not known to be very punctual.

In any case, this project had been in the brand’s pipeline for a while. We remember that last March, the manufacturer unveiled a photo showing a car in the range, probably a Model S, in the process of recharging thanks to a base placed on the ground. But at that time, no information had been released.

Rebecca Tinucci, in charge of the development of charging infrastructure simply stated that “so we also want to make sure we continue to focus on amazing charging experiences“. If this alternative to the classic Wallbox is interesting on paper, allowing you to no longer need a cable, however, it should cost much more and its efficiency is lower. Charging is indeed a bit slower.

This does not prevent many manufacturers from believing in this technology, such as Volvo but also Volkswagen thanks to ABT. For its part, Nissan has entered into a partnership with the London EV Company Limited while researchers have developed a solution delivering up to 500 kW.

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