This amazing service will make it much easier to recharge your electric Fiat 500

Fiat is teaming up with the Italian company E-Gap to offer owners of electric 500s traveling charging. An astonishing solution, which reassures drivers and reduces fears linked to autonomy.

If sales of electric cars continue to increase – they have even overtaken diesel in France and Europe – not everyone is yet convinced. And for good reason: some believe that these vehicles are too expensive, as a recent study reveals, while for others, it is the autonomy that poses a problem.

A smart solution

Indeed, many drivers still have fear of running out of battery before being able to find a charging station. And this even if their number is constantly increasing, since France has more than 100,000 on its territory. If some manufacturers equip their electric cars with large batteries in order to improve autonomy, we know that this solution is far from ideal.

That’s why others choose a small accumulator, and rely on fast and more frequent charging. This is particularly the case for Fiat, which launched its electric 500 in 2020 with a battery of up to 42 kWh. Thus, the city car displays a maximum range of 322 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle, which is sufficient but not perfect according to most motorists.

If sales of the electric city car are doing well, the manufacturer wants to find a way to attract the most reluctant. This is how he announced in a press release the implementation of a solution that was astonishing to say the least. Fiat has in fact joined forces with the Italian company E-Gap to offer a traveling charging service for owners of electric Fiat 500.

If you have purchased an Abarth 500e, the test of which can be discovered on CssTricks, know that you are also eligible. On the other hand, the manufacturer did not specify whether the Fiat 600e, which we were also able to test in real conditions, was also affected. In total, four countries can already benefit from this service, namely Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

With ease

E-Gap will operate with Fiat in thirteen cities, including Paris and Lyon with us. The goal is to reach the 15 city mark by the end of 2023. But how will customers be able to benefit from this service? Well they will just have to connect the E-Gap application to that of Fiat on his smartphone. Some information will need to be provided and then simply make an appointment as soon as the need arises.

You will need to indicate the desired charge level and make payment before the procedure begins. Thanks to geolocation, the E-Gap operator will be able to find the car, within 90 minutes of booking. Please note that it is not necessary to move the vehicle when charging, which can take place anywhere. The driver does not need to be on site during the operation.

And what about the price? The manufacturer announces a rate of 0.50 euros per kWh. However, it does not specify whether travel costs apply, which is the case for traditional E-Gap customers, who must pay 8.32 euros more. The company then provides charging power of up to 80 kWthanks to a battery with a capacity of 130 kWh installed in the vehicle.

Part of the fleet is also supplied by the manufacturer, which has equipped the company with 60 electric Scudo during the month of last July.

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