this AI generates photos of you 90s ways, but above all a lot of money

A new generative AI is a big success. The Epik application includes a function capable of generating images that seem taken from a yearbook.

You may have seen “photos” passing through your feeds that look like they came straight out of a graduation ceremony from an American series in the 90s. This is the work from the last update of the EPIK application.

How to generate your yearbook photo?

The EPIK application is available on the Google Play Store on Android and the Apple App Store on the iPhone side. It allows you to retouch images or photos for free. The latest version adds a new function: the ability to generate fake photos imitating the style of yearbooks American, the photo albums that students exchange shortly before the end of the school year and graduation.

If the application is free to use, this new feature is not. Generate yearbook photos is billed at 6.99 euros for a group of 60 images created in less than 24 hours. You can pay an express formula at 9.99 euros to generate them in less than 2 hours.

The steps are relatively simple to follow. You must share 8 to 12 photos of yourself, selfies, with the application so that the engine can generate the 60 images.

Pay attention to the conditions

Like the signal , EPIK’s conditions of use are particularly vague regarding the use that will be made of your shared photos. The application was developed in South Korea, outside of Europe, and we do not know the location of the servers on which your photos will be stored. It’s also unclear how secure the app or storage is.

Finally, even excluding the risk of hacking, it’s a safe bet that EPIK’s AI will use your photos to train its model. Not only is the service charged, but your data will therefore serve the company.

AI that generates a lot of money

The Epik application seems to be very successful thanks to the virality of the images produced and shared on social networks. We can see more than 975 people in line to create their yearbook. So 975 people agreed to pay 7 euros at the moment. The success is there: it is often impossible to pay for the generation because the queue is already full.


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It is impossible to have exact figures on the revenue generated by the application at the moment, but major influencers are already promoting it. We can, for example, discover on TikTok, the yearbook from Pokimane, for its 6.8 million subscribers.

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