This adorable Chinese electric car rival of the Dacia Spring will not go unnoticed

The Chinese manufacturer Baojun unveils new versions of its Yueye, which comes in three colorful variants. The small electric SUV could definitely arrive in Europe in the future, although this has not yet been confirmed.

If you are a loyal reader of CssTricks, you’ve probably heard of Baojun before. This is’a young Chinese brand that belongs to the Wuling group behind the small Hongguang Mini EV. It was the best-selling electric car in the world before being dethroned by the Tesla Model Y. But the Chinese group offers other models that are a little less well known, but in the process of becoming so.

Three new releases

Among them, the new Yueye. Behind this name hides an adorable little electric SUV unveiled by Baojun last February. If we had already talked about it in detail a few months ago, it is now back in the spotlight. Indeed, and as announced by the manufacturer on its Weibo page, the Chinese equivalent of Facebook, three new versions have enriched the range.

The first adopts a very attractive retro look and is distinguished by its two-tone orange and white bodywork as shown in the photos published by the Chinese site It Home. The wheels feature chrome accents, as does the running board. The latter is designed to resist rust and scratches and can support up to 200 kilos.

On the back, the small screen called Car Watch displays an image of a vinyl record on the official photos, but the driver can choose the photo or video he wants. Lovers of nature walks can opt for the version called Wizard of Oz and designed for excursions in the forest. In addition to its green color, this version is equipped with many specific elements, including the black roof rack with a ladder.

Note also the presence of more prominent bumpers and additional lights on the roof for better visibility in poor weather conditions. Finally, a third version, which this time takes the name of Black Warrior completes the range. This one is distinguished by a black bodywork as well as some red elements. We find flames on the rear screen while the rims adopt a retro design and a chrome treatment.

A well-equipped interior

Another article from It Home reveals new information on the driving position of the small electric SUV, which has also recently been available as a pick-up. According to Chinese media, two presentations are offered, called “Self-Black” and “Monologue”. The first combines green and black, while the second combines beige and gray. Either way, the Baojun Yueye comes with a 10.25-inch digital handset and the same size touchscreen.

This new arrival comes standard with the reversing camera and the front and rear radars and the Isofix fastening system for baby seats. The higher-end version also includes lane keeping assistance as well as voice control and lane change assistance among others. Hill start assist and ABS are standard equipment.

The small electric SUV is equipped with a 50 kW electric motor, which is equivalent to about 68 horsepower for 140 Nm of torque. A technical sheet that is close to the Dacia Spring Extreme strong of 65 horsepower and which we were able to take the wheel. If the size of the battery is not known, Baojun announces a range of 303 kilometers, probably according to the Chinese CLTC cycle. Which corresponds to around 250 kilometers in WLTP. The Dacia Spring culminates on its side at 230 kilometers.

It remains to be seen whether the SUV, currently only offered with two-wheel drive, will one day arrive in France. This is indeed very likely, since Wulin is already marketing its city car on the Old Continent via an importer. Baojun could therefore do the same thing, which does not fail to worry specialists. Especially since China is officially the largest importer in the world. The new Yueye starts from 79,800 yuan, or around 10,500 euros. But if it ever arrives in Europe, expect a rising price. We can count on at least the double.

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