This 200 GB mobile plan includes a great option for holidays

B&You draws a rare mobile plan for the start of the summer holidays. Its offer includes a nice envelope of 30 GB of data available in 90 international destinations, including the Maghreb, the United States or the Middle East.

If you’ve ever gone on vacation outside of Europe, you know how expensive data abroad is. Once you arrive in the United States or North Africa, the first SMS you receive is from your operator indicating that each 1 MB consumption costs more than 10 euros. And that’s not to mention the “Operator Passes” with a few dozen SMS and a few GB of data sold at a high price.

If you are going on holiday abroad, Bouygues Telecom is currently offering the perfect mobile plan with its Summer Edition offer. For 19.99 euros per month, without commitment, this package includes not only 200 GB of 4G data on French territory, but also and above all an envelope of 30 GB of roaming data in more than 90 international destinations, including many countries in the Maghreb, North America and the Middle East.

What does the 200 GB Summer Edition mobile plan include?

B&You’s 200 GB Summer Edition mobile plan is a big plan that covers the essentials and even more. Here are its characteristics:

  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to and from Europe and the overseas departments;
  • 200 GB of internet in 4G in France…
  • … of which 30 GB can be used in Europe and in certain international destinations;
  • it is non-binding;
  • 19.99 euros per month, with no price increase after the first twelve months.

It is a very complete package, therefore, which is based on one of the best mobile networks in France: that of Bouygues Telecom. The operator now has voice and SMS coverage of 97% of French territory and 95% coverage of the territory for 4G.

The envelope of 200 GB of data in 4G can be used for any function: whether to watch series on Netflix, videos on YouTube or Twitch and even share its connection with a computer. The offer is perfect if you are worried about running out of data at your holiday campsite.

But the biggest strength of this package is undoubtedly its 30 GB roaming data envelope. It allows you to take advantage of 4G in countries where connecting to the mobile network is very expensive.

Which destinations are included in the Summer Edition mobile plan?

This envelope of 30 GB of roaming data is not only valid in the European Union, but also in Africa, North and South America and Africa. Here is the list of some countries included in the offer:

For Africa:

  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Egypt
  • Cameroon
  • Ivory Coast
  • Madagascar
  • mali
  • Senegal

For America:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil

For the Middle East and Asia:

  • Israel
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Jordan
  • Türkiye
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • China

Accessing mobile data in these countries almost always requires taking operator passes or local SIM cards, at prohibitive prices. It is very rare that these destinations are included in non-binding packages.

How do I subscribe to the B&You 200 GB Summer Edition package?

To subscribe to this package while keeping your current telephone number, all you need to do is bring your RIO number. Obtaining it is simple: you have to make a (free) call to 31 79. Afterwards, Bouygues takes over and takes care of terminating your line with your former operator.

Then all that remains is to pay 10 euros for your new SIM card and you will have put an end to the administrative procedures. The new B&You 200 GB package at 19.99 euros per month will then be activated within a few days, once the SIM card has been received. Changing plans is just a formality in 2023.

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