Wynajmą Twoją kartę graficzną za skiny i walutę do gier, ale jest haczyk

They will rent your graphics card for skins and game currency, but there is a catch

You can rent your graphics card and in return get skins for popular games. There is one catch, and it's a very big one.

Would you like to get currency or skins for games, e.g. Fortnite, Minecraft or Roblox? There is a way to do this, but it is very questionable both in terms of safety and morality. We warn you not to use it.

Graphics card rental

This offer was prepared by Salad. It allows players to share the power of their graphics cards in exchange for skins or currency for many popular games. The more often the GPU is used, the more you can earn from it. Where's the catch?

The problem is that the graphics card will be used to create pornographic content. It's probably about the so-called deepfake, but not only that. Salad is probably associated with the company Civitai, which has a history of very shady things, such as generating content that could be considered child pornography.

Salad claims that in the options you can turn off sharing your graphics card for creating sexual content, but not only is this option turned on by default (i.e. we agree to such things), but turning it off means lower earnings.

Therefore, treat this as a warning against this type of services, which will probably only increase in number. I realize that for many people the opportunity to get skins or V-Bucks may be tempting, but it is better not to play with such things. It's not only about moral issues, although they are extremely important here, but also the possible security of our data.

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