Myśleli, że znaleźli kosmitów. Tajemnica dziwnego meteorytu rozwiązana

They thought they found aliens. The mystery of the strange meteorite has been solved

Scientists have solved the mystery of a strange signal discovered near Papu New Guinea. To everyone’s surprise, it turned out that they were not aliens.

IN 2014 year an unusual guest visited Earth. Near the coast Papua New Guinea a meteorite entered the atmosphere CNEOS 2014-01-08. According to research published in 2022, it was the first identified object of this type from outside our solar system. And in fact, that would be enough to put this whole incident in the textbooks.

However, contrary to appearances, this is not the end of the story. In 2023, a guided expedition set off for the Pacific Avi Loeb, a controversial professor from Harvard, aimed at obtaining meteorite remains. The plan succeeded, and there were reports in the media that it was the obtained material was supposed to contain traces of foreign technology.

Alien technology? No, just a regular truck

Sounds unbelievable? It turns out it should. A team of scientists led by a seismologist Benjamin Bernardo analyzed the signal on the basis of which the Loeb expedition was to determine the location of the meteorite impact. It turned out that its genesis was not cosmic at all, but very, very earthly. Everything indicates that the sound waves supposed to come from the star visitor actually came from… trucks.

This, of course, puts a huge question mark on all reports about the discovered space technology. According to Benjamin Fernando, the found object is the remains of “ordinary” meteorites mixed with materials of terrestrial origin. At the same time, the expert managed to determine a much more likely place of impact of the 2014 meteorite. It is to be over 150 km away from the search area chosen by last year’s expedition.

So it turns out that we still haven’t found definitive proof of the existence of an alien civilization. But do we really need space technology if one primitive Earth truck can cause so much chaos?

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