Wkładali kontrabandę do Paczkomatów. Grozi im 8 lat więzienia

They put contraband into parcel lockers. They face 12 years in prison

Two brothers decided to use parcel lockers for their unusual and illegal business. They were caught.

Poles love parcel lockers. Every year we send more and more parcels using them, and the number of devices themselves is systematically increasing. However, two brothers decided to use them in illegal activities. They sent prohibited substances using parcel lockers.

They sent drugs via parcel lockers

Thanks to the cooperation of police officers from Grudziądz and Lublin, we managed to arrest two brothers who were sending drugs using parcel lockers. The officers received a notification about a suspicious package. It was transported by a courier to the sorting center and then secured by police officers. In this case, finding the perpetrators was not difficult because they provided their details themselves.

Officers detained two brothers, aged 30 and 36, in the Grudziądz and Chełmno counties. At the scene they also found nearly 450 grams of lumpy crystalline substance, 3 kilograms of dried plants and 5 MDMA tablets. Initial tests showed that they were drugs, but the substances will be subjected to detailed tests in the laboratory.

Drugs in the parcel locker

In addition, cash in the form of PLN 27,800 and $2,000, as well as two weapons, was also seized. The men were arrested for 3 months. They face up to 12 years in prison for dealing in prohibited substances. Additionally, one of them faces another 8 years in prison for possessing a weapon without a permit.

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