Parkowali legalnie i za darmo. Miasto reaguje

They parked legally and for free. The city responds

The Dutch city of Haarlem faced an unusual problem. This is the responsibility of drivers who figured out how to park for free in a paid parking zone without breaking the law. The result is a new ban.

Anyone who drives to the center knows how difficult it is to find a parking space, especially a free one. However, drivers from Haarlem, the Netherlands, found a solution, although a side effect of their behavior is the introduction of a new ban by local authorities. This comes into force from February 1.

According to local media, unofficial charging stations for electric vehicles have become the parking lot. It is known that charging, unlike refueling, takes a longer time, so the sight of an abandoned vehicle is not surprising, but this is what clever people were supposed to use. Ultimately, next to the chargers there were apparently not only electric cars with already charged batteries, but also combustion cars.

What is not forbidden is permitted

The thing is that there has never been a regulation that would clearly prohibit it. But it’s over. The city of Haarlem has formally announced that parking vehicles in front of charging stations is prohibited from the beginning of February. The exception are electric car owners who also have a parking permit in a given zone.

Everyone else should either stay with the vehicle while charging or not enter the charger at all if they have a combustion car. Violation of these rules will be punished in exactly the same way as in the case of parking in a prohibited place.

And it must be admitted that residents will have many opportunities to commit crimes. Numbering just over 150,000. Haarlem has nearly 1.6 thousand inhabitants. EV charging station. It is not known how often they were used as parking lots, but there is no doubt that from now on this will have unpleasant consequences.

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