Tego jeszcze nie grali. Rozgrzej swój komputer do 600°C

They haven’t played this yet. Heat your computer to 600°C

Many computer users strive to keep their components at the lowest possible temperatures. However, sometimes you need to heat up your PC red hot.

For most people, to assemble a new computer set, all you need is a screwdriver, a flashlight and possibly a knife to cut the seals on the packaging. However, the matter becomes more complicated in the case of enthusiasts and more expensive PCs, because then proprietary liquid cooling systems often come into play.

Alphacool Core Heat Gun was valued at PLN 129

LC systems can be divided into two main groups – with soft hoses or hard tubes. The first option is cheaper and easier to install. The second one requires knowledge, patience and skill. The tubes must be properly cut and bent yourself, and this requires special equipment.

Alphacool Core Heat Gun is, as the name suggests, nothing more than… wired 2000 W heat gun. There are nine operating modes that provide temperature from 60 to 600°C and two blowing levels – 250 or 500 L/min.

They haven't played this yet.  Heat your computer to 600°C

The device itself is handy and is included in the set three different nozzles and stand allowing you to put the heat gun down even if it is still warm. The suggested price is 29.99 euros, i.e approximately PLN 129. This is a lot considering the possibilities offered, because in Poland similar devices cost around PLN 79-99.

They haven't played this yet.  Heat your computer to 600°C

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