Kupowałeś tam? Oszukali 579 osób

They defrauded 579 people with fictitious electronics stores

Police officers from the criminal department of the New Town Police Headquarters found the trail of fraudsters. They set up fictitious online stores where they defrauded Poles of over a million zlotys.

The story began in 2022. Then a man reported to the police in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie who had purchased a drone in one of the online stores, but had been deceived. The case was investigated by New City police officers from the criminal department, who determined that the store was registered in the name of one of the residents of Elbląg.

Fictitious online store

It quickly turned out that a single online store was just the tip of the iceberg. Several people were involved in the fraud and launched several e-commerce websites to maximize their profits.

In total, 5 people committed fraud. Four were charged with fraud in relation to property and a preventive measure in the form of pre-trial detention was imposed on them. They face up to 10 years in prison. A fifth person was charged with money laundering. In her case, she was placed under police supervision and banned from leaving the country. She faces a maximum of 8 years in prison.

In total, 579 people were injured in the case for a total amount of over PLN 1 million. In total, as many as a dozen different fictitious stores were established and the accused used them to defraud customers. They operated throughout Poland, so some threads were excluded for separate proceedings. The Regional Prosecutor's Office in Gdańsk will handle it.

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