Połączyli się z satelitą na orbicie. Użyli do tego Bluetooth

They connected to a satellite in orbit. They used Bluetooth for this

The Hubble Network has achieved what many people thought was impossible. They connected to the satellite in orbit using a Bluetooth module.

We all know how Bluetooth connection with other devices sometimes works. Just move to another room or get too far away for your headphones to start cutting out and your watch to stop syncing with your phone. However, the Hubble Network has achieved something groundbreaking. They used Bluetooth to communicate over a distance of approximately 600 km.

They connected to the satellite via Bluetooth

At the beginning of the year, Hubble Network launched two satellites into Earth orbit from Vandenberg Space Force Base on the Central Coast of California. This happened as part of the SpaceX Transporter mission. Both machines reached an altitude of approximately 600 km. Despite such a huge distance, we managed to connect with them using a simple Bluetooth module.

By demonstrating that we can send signals directly from Bluetooth chips and receive them in space from 600 km away, we have opened up completely new possibilities.

– said Alex Haro, head and co-founder of the Hubble Network.

Moreover, company representatives argue that almost every device on the market can be adapted to communicate with a satellite in Earth orbit. In their opinion, a software update is enough. Thanks to this, it would be possible to create a communication system with 20 times lower energy consumption and 50 times lower operating costs. In this field, Hubble Network will already cooperate with various companies from the consumer devices, construction, infrastructure, supply chain, logistics, oil and gas and defense industries.

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