Czyszczą Polakom konta. Zagrożeni klienci dużego banku

They clean out Poles' accounts. At-risk clients of a large bank

The KNF CSIRT team appeals to ING Bank customers to be very careful. A moment of inattention may result in the loss of funds accumulated in your bank account.

Most of us have become accustomed to the fact that many things can be done remotely, via the Internet, without having to leave home. This is how we use banking, logging in to bank accounts and managing our money from anywhere in the world, as long as we can use the Internet there.

The convenience offered by new technologies is also a breeding ground for criminals who are looking for our money. Fraudsters come up with new methods to steal our data or money, and sometimes they use proven solutions. One of them is creation fake bank website. Before something like this warns CSIRT KNF.

According to the KNF CSIRT team established by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and carrying out the tasks of the Cybersecurity Sectoral Team, cybercriminals prepared fake ING Bank website. Entering your login and password will make it possible this information will go to criminals, opening the way for them to access the money accumulated in their real account. The website itself may not look identical to its real version, but you can get confused quite easily. After all, websites are visually refreshed from time to time.

ING Bank fake website

However, there is one detail that should turn on a red flag in our heads. It's about the address where the fake website is located. In the case of the one impersonating ING Polska, this is it Meanwhile, the real website of ING Bank is located at: ingbank.pland the login page is at

Don't get robbed!

Criminals are looking for your money from all sides. This is why be especially careful when using online banking and mobile banking. Especially check the address carefully, where your bank's website is located. If something about it makes you anxious, better do not enter any confidential data there. They may fall into the wrong hands, and you you could lose your life savings.

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