Oszukiwali Polaków na BLIK-a. Wpadli przez głupi błąd

They cheated Poles on BLIK. They fell in because of a stupid mistake

The police arrested fraudsters who extorted money using the BLIK method. The group caused losses of over PLN 33,000. zloty.

Extorting money using BLIK remains a popular trick among criminals. Policemen from Oliwa March 14, 2024 they destroyed a group of fraudsters who were supposed to do this losses in the amount exceeding PLN 33,000. zloty.

Three Belarusians arrested. They extorted over PLN 30,000

The broken gang consisted of: three citizens of Belarus. The criminals were looking for their victims, among others: at online auctions, impersonating potential buyers, couriers and bank employees. Their method of operation assumed BLIK code fraud, and then withdraw money from one of the nearby ATMs.

…and this is where the suspects made a mistake. As the police managed to determine, the suspects were practically they withdrew money from the same ATM every time, thanks to which the officers knew where to prepare an ambush. In this way, it was possible not only to stop fraudsters, but also secure cash found in their car in the amount of several thousand zlotys and 110 euros.

The suspects were heard together 12 charges for fraud and computer fraud, and the court decided to apply to them pre-trial detention for three months. The case is ongoing and the police are conducting further activities to determine whether the men are connected with other, similar crimes. At the moment they are threatened up to 8 years in prison.

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