Wpadają Polakom do domów i wlepiają kary. Rekord to 142 tys. zł

They break into Poles’ homes and give fines. The record is 142,000. zloty

Poczta Polska is chasing people who do not pay the TV license fee. The record holder must pay, together with interest, well over PLN 100,000. zloty.

Poczta Polska continues its efforts to collect radio and television license fees from people who avoid this obligation. Recently, several new job offers for the position of controller have appeared. The record holder must pay over PLN 100,000. zloty – informs Goniec.pl.

They are chasing TV license fees

Although Poczta Polska mainly targets companies, the controller may also appear at the doors of ordinary Poles. The most frequently chosen people are people who have previously declared that they have a television or radio, but at some point they stopped paying the radio and television license fee.

In Greater Poland alone, last year 12,852 enforcement orders were initiated for non-payment of TV license fees. There were also over 12,000 of them in Mazovia, 1,247 in Silesia, and 7,901 in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

In 2023, the Wielkopolska tax offices collected a total amount of PLN 1,627,874.92 for arrears in the payment of RTV license fees.

– revealed Małgorzata Spychała-Szuszczyńska, spokeswoman of the Tax Administration Chamber in Poznań.

Even more, as much as PLN 1,872,446.96, was recovered by the Tax Administration Chamber in Krakow. However, the Masovian Voivodeship holds the record with an amount of PLN 3,072,849.55. However, the company in the Silesian Voivodeship has the most to pay and is in arrears of approximately PLN 100,000. PLN and as much as 42 thousand PLN interest.

In the future, the problem may disappear. According to the draft act on public media, the radio and television license fee will be replaced by an audiovisual fee, which will be collected automatically together with PIT, CIT and KRUS taxes. It will amount to PLN 8.30 per month, so approximately PLN 100 per year.

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