these Samsung smartphones for which this will be the ultimate update

While Android 14 will be released soon, it will be the last version of Android compatible with certain Samsung models. Still, some of them came out several years ago. Next to Apple, this makes Samsung a better manufacturer than the others on this point.

Android 14 should be officially released in September, but it will take a few more months for this version to arrive on our smartphones. Indeed, it takes time for the various manufacturers to update their interfaces. Samsung could start the race as early as November, like last year with Android 13. For some Galaxy smartphones, this will unfortunately be their last major update.

Samsung smartphones that will remain under Android 14

It is the specialized media SamMobile which listed Samsung devices that will upgrade to Android 14 without going all the way to Android 15. The site listed smartphones launched on Android 11 that will receive their third and final major update with Android 14. We completed the list with smartphones launched on Android 12 and eligible for only two years of updates. Android 14 will therefore also be their last promised update.

If the list is so short compared to the number of smartphones and tablets launched each year by Samsung, it is because the manufacturer has pushed back the deadline for the latest updates.

The front of the Samsung Galaxy A72

Subsequently, the models mentioned will receive a few minor updates to the One UI interface and a year or two of security updates.

Samsung is among the best when it comes to updating its devices

On Android today, the norm is to offer two years of operating system updates and three years of security patches. Aside from Apple, long king of smartphone and tablet longevity, Samsung is slowly rising. For three years, the manufacturer has offered three years of updates on its models released since 2019. This also includes its Galaxy A range, which is cheaper than the Galaxy S flagships.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

Since then, Samsung has gone even further: its high-end and mid-range models can receive up to four years of Android updates. In 2022, it is even the Galaxy M and Galaxy F ranges, absent in France and cheaper than the Galaxy A, which can receive as many. So for the moment, the models that will receive four years of Android updates have not expired.

These improvements have also pushed the competition to go further: Oppo and OnePlus offer up to four years and Google comes up to three years.

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