These new electric bikes promise to replace your everyday small car

Road bike specialist and eager to increase its electric range for families, Cannondale will offer its first Wonderwagen and Cargowagen cargo bikes.

With more than 50 years of experience, Cannondale is more a brand associated with road bikes or mountain bikes. The American manufacturer, however, has city bikes in its bag, like the latest Compact Neo, and often electric. Because the wish of the brand is to popularize the VAE, proof with its entry into the niche of electric cargo bikes.

A double offer for Cannondale cargo bikes

This fall 2023, two Cannondale cargo bikes are rolling out. Like Trek, its American competitor, the offer is duplicated in an elongated (longtail), the Cannondale Cargowagen Neo, and a two-carrier, the Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo. They are not officially launched yet, but we were able to find information from resellers.

The Cargowagen Neo electric recumbent bike is classic in its structure, with two 20-inch wheels like a Mustache Lundi 20, with Schwalbe Pick-up balloon tires. Its frame is open allowing the passage of legs, with front suspension (SR Suntour Mobie 34 Cargo 80 mm) and telescopic saddle varying the height of 70 mm.

At the rear, the rack is quite short, giving the appearance of a semi-compact cargo bike. However, we can accommodate an adult or two children, but we still do not know the maximum load of this Cargowagen. Little more, the large front headlight to see well (to be) seen.

Cannondale Cargowagen

The Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo is therefore the two-wheeled bike of the duo, with its front box between the wheel and the steering column. Original, this body is dug on the sides and incorporates two large headlights, imitating a small car.

Also perched on 20-inch wheels with suspended front forks, the electric cargo ship offers a fairly upright driving position for parents seeking comfort. They will also like the telescopic saddle lowering by 150 mm on the action of a trigger on the handlebars.

Bosch electrics on board

On the electric assistance side, the two Cannondale electric cargo bikes share the same Bosch ecosystem. The Bosch Cargo Line motor sends 85 Nm in order to spin at 25 km/h without forcing, knowing that the bikes are approaching a weight of 40 kg.

For the other components, two configurations are possible. The Wonderwagen Neo 2 and Cargowagen Neo 2 use a Shimano Cues 10-speed derailleur and a 545 Wh battery. On the other hand, the top-of-the-range Neo 1s include the Enviolo continuous variable transmission and a 725 Wh battery. Precision, both bikes can accept a second battery, in order to double the autonomy.

Cannondale Wonderwagen Neo 2

Notable difference for the brakes: the recumbent has Shimano MT420 4-piston caliper brakes, the two-wheeler prefers the excellent Magura MT4.

A high price for cargo bikes, but in those of the market

With high-end components, Cannondale electric cargo bikes are expensive, but about average on the market. We were able to obtain the price of the four versions in Germany, starting from 3,999 euros for the Cargowagen Neo 2 (4,999 euros for the “1” variant). The Cannondale Wonderwagon Neo 2 has a base price of 5,999 euros, or even 6,999 euros on the “1” version.

Cannondale Cargowagen Neo 2

These are currently German prices for these bikes, which should arrive in France in the coming weeks. A French reseller will, for example, offer a version with Shimano Deore derailleur from 4,699 euros (Cargowagen visible in photo above) and 6,499 euros (Wonderwagen). It will be possible to add seats or support bars for the reclining person (around 330 euros), or rain protection on the biporter (200 euros).

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