these new dials suggest an announcement for very soon

The Android Authority site has published visuals of the dials of the future Pixel Watch 2. They should be very customizable.

After a first model launched last year, Google is preparing to unveil, in the fall, its second connected watch, the Google Pixel Watch 2. If many clues already suggested the arrival of a new version this year, the visuals published this weekend by the site Android Authority leave little room for doubt.

In an article published this Saturday, the site specializing in Android device news has indeed shared many visuals allowing you to discover the future dials which should be offered with the second connected watch from Google.

These are thus four basic dials, all highly customizable, which should make their arrival in the fall with the Pixel Watch 2. We should find a dial “Accessible” (with a digital time display), a dial “Bow“with an analog display, a dial”Bold Digital” with numbers displayed in bold and a dial “Analog Boldwith an analog display, but rounded 12, 3, 6 and 9 hours.

Highly customizable dials

Of course, each dial can be personalized according to the user’s needs with the addition of complications for the battery level, alarms or sunrise time. The color of these different dials can also be modified thanks to the dynamic theme function taken from Android and imported into Wear OS 4. The colors of the dial will then be integrated into the menus of the watch as is already the case with the wallpapers on smartphones. Note also that the visuals all display a definition of 454 x 454 pixels, suggesting that this will be the definition of the screen of the Pixel Watch 2. Remember that the first model benefited from a screen 450 x 450 pixels. However, it is still possible that the images have been increased or reduced.

So far, leaks have been rather limited about Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch 2. The watch could notably benefit from a more powerful and more energy-efficient processor, the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1, a lighter aluminum casing and more advanced health measures. However, it is still unknown whether Google will keep the same small format or improve the battery of its watch. In addition, no visual leak has yet been shared about Google’s future connected watch.

We should know more about the Google Pixel Watch 2 during its official presentation. If Google sticks to its usual schedule, it should take place at the beginning of October, at the same time as the presentation of the future Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. Still, if the dials are already finalized, the announcement of the second watch from Google should now not delay.

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