These e-bikes can thank Bosch’s new lightweight motor

The German brand Kalkhoff pours into the light bike on the occasion of the release of the Bosch SX engine, with the Kalkhoff “L” available in three versions, from urban VAE to trekking.

There are many trends in cycling, such as the cargo bike, which is taking off considerably. But more recently, it is the light bike that explodes with dozens of models revealed in recent months. In the lot, the serious German brand Kalkhoff enters the scene with its “L”.

Light bike, but robust design

Like its other bikes, Kalkhoff derives its L in four different versions: an Image L Advance for urban use, Entice L Advance for Trekking, Endeavor L Excite and Move for VTC. We discovered half of the range, the Image L Advanced and Endeavor L Excite at the Pro Days in Paris, which left us with a great impression.

The design is German with its tubes with sharp edges and visible welds suggesting robustness, all available in an open or closed version. Their few differences lie in the saddle – comfort in the Image version, firm and narrow (Fisik brand) in the Endeavor version – and the curved handlebars with ergonomic grips in the Image version, plus an adjustable stem.

The Kalkhoff Image offers a front basket and rear rack with tensioner net as standard, while the Endeavor only adopts mudguards. The 27.5-inch wheels wear versatile and wide Schwalbe G-One Overland tires mounted in 50-622, equipped with Shimano MT200 brakes.

These points lead to a change in weight, 22 kg for the most urban, and 20 kg on the most off-road.

Well-equipped Kalkhoff Ls

The set remains rigid, no suspension for these two light electric bikes, which however think of equipment with many fixing points. That of the rear tube under the saddle also thinks of the new additional Bosch PowerMore 250 Wh battery, assisting the removable 400 Wh integrated in the lower tube.

For this “L” model to be born, a more compact and lightweight engine was needed. The Kalkhoff L is therefore part of these cycles unveiled simultaneously with its new block, the Bosch Performance Line SX. Here, the box weighs only 2 kg, developing 55 Nm and 600 W at peak. Bosch Smart System connectivity is also part of the package.

For the drivetrain, it’s a belt with Shimano Nexus 7 on the Image, and a Deore XT 12-speed derailleur on the Endeavour. The in-between and therefore more VTC Kalkhoff Entice L Advance will differ from its cousins, integrating a 9-speed Cues, taken over by the Endeavor L Move adding in addition a suspended front fork.

Kalkhoff is not yet talking about prices, since its light “L” electric bikes will not arrive before spring 2024 in France.

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