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With more than 136,000 copies sold, the Tesla Model Y remains the most registered car in Europe since January. A superb performance for the electric SUV, which dominates sales, all engines combined. Above all, its domination over its electric rivals is simply impressive.

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If Tesla’s situation was a bit worrying at the end of last year in China and the United States, things have improved considerably for the brand, which still sold more than a million cars a year. last. The company will still remain the world number 1 in electrics in 2023, well ahead of BYD and Volkswagen, whose sales are quite disappointing.

The Model Y dominates everything

The competition is increasingly tough, and the manufacturer expects to be a little jostled by Chinese brands. But everything seems to be going well today. And this, we owe it in particular to the Tesla Model Y, which seduces customers thanks to its very affordable price, displayed at only €41,990bonus not deducted.

Thus, the electric SUV still remains the best-selling car in Europe since the beginning of the year. This is confirmed by the figures announced by the cabinet Jatoafter those of Automotive News last July – which establishes the ranking of the most successful models between the months of January and July. In addition to being the most registered electric, Model Y also outperforms other powertrains and relegates the Dacia Sandero to 2nd place.

Truth be told, this isn’t the first time Tesla’s star has topped sales in Europe. We remember that this was already the case last September, with 29,367 copies. Between January and September, 83,277 units were registered. In 2023, the figures are much more impressive, since the electric SUV has totaled 136,564 sales since the start of the year, an increase of 204% compared to 2022.

It was also the best-selling car in the world in the 1st quarter of 2023. It is followed by the Model 3, which attracted 42,588 new customers, or 6% more than last year. A much lower figure, despite the sharp drop in price also operated on the sedan. But her big brother has an asset she cannot boast of: it is made in Europeat more than 5,000 copies per week.

The electric in force

As a result, deliveries are faster than those of the “3″ which are made in sawtooth. The sedan will have to be wary of another model that is determined not to let it go. This is the Volkswagen ID.4, sold at 41,672 units, while it is followed closely by the ID.3 with its 35,233 copies.

But the German manufacturer would like to do even better and plans to review the design of its electrics to achieve this. We then find the Fiat 500e (31,340 units), followed by the MG 4 which is starting to establish itself well on the European market. The compact rival of the Renault Mégane E-Tech has sold 30,779 units since the start of the year. She was even behind on the 3rd step of the podium last May.

Today, Tesla occupies 2.82% of the market in Europe, against 1.53% in 2022. The firm is precisely followed by MG, whose market share is currently at 1.59%. And it should still climb, while its parent company SAIC plans to set up factories in Europe to produce its electric cars there. On his side, Volkswagen posts a market share of 10.53%thanks in large part to its thermal models.

Be that as it may, electricity is now taking an increasingly important place on the market. Indeed, this engine even exceeded diesel sales on the Old Continent for the very first time in June. In France, the changeover took place last December.

Best-selling models from January to July 2023

Model Sales
Tesla Model Y 136,464
Tesla Model 3 42,588
Volkswagen ID.4 41,672
Volkswagen ID.3 35,233
Fiat 500 31,340
MG4 30,779
Dacia Spring 26,748
Volvo XC40 26,445
Peugeot e-208 26,013
Skoda Enyaq 25,698

As you can see, the Tesla Model Y’s dominance in the electric market is nothing short of impressive. Its sales are three times higher than its runner-up, the Model 3, over the first seven months of the year. No model manages to follow closely in Europe, which could still last a little while like that.

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