Thermomix nadal na topie. Szok, ile Polacy kupują ich dziennie

Thermomix is ​​still on top. It’s shocking how many Poles buy them a day

Thermomix is ​​again one of the most popular kitchen robots among Poles. The company reported numbers for 2023.

There is no need to introduce the Thermomix to anyone. Vorwerk food processor guests in many households in Poland. Statistics for 2022 showed that it is one of the most popular intelligent robots in our country. Now the numbers for 2023 have been announced.

Thermomix still at the top. Great sales results

We managed to obtain information about how many Thermomixes were sold in Poland in 2023. It turns out that the TM6 model is still very popular among our compatriots. Just last year consultants sold 232,619 TM6 intelligent food processors. This means that almost 20,000 units were purchased each month, which gives us approximately 637 devices every day.

However, the results are not better than those for 2022. Let us recall that then 246,000 copies were sold, which is approximately 14,000 more than in the previous year. You can now start wondering what results Vorwerk will achieve in the current calendar year. Raising the price from 5995 to 6445 is unlikely to have a positive impact on sales.

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