Thermomix zyskał nową funkcję. Błyśniesz przed znajomymi

Thermomix has gained a new function. You will shine in front of your friends

Vorwerk introduces a new function to the Thermomix. Now you can share recipes created on the Cookidoo platform.

Vorworkmanufacturer of multifunctional device Thermomix boasts that it focuses on creativity and individualism in the kitchen, expanding the capabilities of this equipment. This time it applies Cookidoo platformcontaining recipes for the Thermomix.

One of the functions available there, “Created Recipes”, has just gained a new option. Favorite recipes can now not only be personalized, but also share with loved ones and friends via your chosen social media platform.

The Thermomix brand has been supporting the culinary creativity of its community for a long time. By providing tools to customize and share recipes and continually expanding the device’s capabilities, it transforms any kitchen into a place of individual culinary expression.

– informs Vorwerk

How to share a recipe?

Thermomix users appreciate the ability to personalize their device and the associated Cookidoo platform. From now on, recipes available on your individual account can be shared with your loved ones and friends.

To do this, just open the tab “My recipes” go to “Regulations Created”select the recipe you are interested in and click on the function “Share recipe”. You can share the recipes you create with your loved ones using your preferred social media platform: Facebook, Pinterest Whether website X.

An option is also available quickly copy the linkand the person who receives your message can immediately add the recipe to the “Created Recipes” collection in your Cookidoo account.

Thermomix recipe sharing

A person with an active Cookidoo subscription is included in the price PLN 199 per yearcan create up to 100 recipesand share each of them with your loved ones.

Cookidoo means greater possibilities of Thermomix

The Cookidoo platform includes tens of thousands of recipes from all over the world. It is an invaluable source of culinary inspiration for all Thermomix owners.

This does not mean, however, that when using the recipe database, you have to strictly follow the recipe point by point. The “Created Recipes” function has long been available to all active subscription holders. gives you space to personalize your favorite recipes and enjoy even more cooking with the Thermomix device.

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