Samochodu Apple nie będzie. Ujawniono, dlaczego

There will be no Apple car. It’s revealed why

Apple Car will not be created. The project, which had been in development for 10 years, was trashed. Why? There are several reasons.

We recently learned that an electric Apple Car won’t be made, at least not anytime soon. The project, which had been in development for a decade, was canceled and the Cupertino company is leaving this market. The decision may be surprising, but there are several reasons behind it.

What happened to the Apple car?

The text on this topic was published by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. According to his information, the Apple Car prototype was… a minivan with rounded edges. Its appearance was supposed to resemble a haversack and that’s what it was called colloquially by employees of the company from Cupertino. The car had sliding doors, whitewall tires and a large glass roof.

Apple’s decision to create a minivan may come as a surprise, but it’s worth remembering that it was just a prototype. Ultimately, the car could be a sedan, similar to the Tesla and other models in this category. At some point, Apple was supposed to consider buying Elon Musk’s company, but this idea was torpedoed by Tim Cook himself.

The journalist’s information also shows that Apple was considering buying Mercedes-Benz, but ultimately talks were conducted towards cooperation between both brands. The problem turned out to be the demands of the Germans, who wanted to help the bitten apple, but in exchange for access to their autonomous driving technology and user interface, which was not acceptable to Apple.

Road tests were also supposed to be a problem. Although they were not very advanced, engineers had to encounter many problems with the autonomous driving platform. This, combined with problems with finding a partner for the project, ultimately resulted in the project being canceled.

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