there is up to 130 euros discount for Prime Day

Prime Days are here! This is a great opportunity to renew your household appliances at a lower cost. For two days only, July 11 and 12, Amazon is allowing you to get one of Tineco’s powerful 2-in-1 stick vacuums for over 20% off.

Are your cupboards overflowing with household appliances of all kinds? Maybe it’s time to trade in your old canister vacuum, bucket and mop for an all-in-one product. This is what the Tineco brand offers: stick vacuum cleaners equipped with a floor cleaning system using a mop. What save space in your cupboards, but also save time.

During Prime Day, which takes place on July 11 and 12, the best references of Tineco two-in-one vacuum cleaners see their prices drop by more than 20% for Prime subscribers. We have selected for you the three unmissable offers not to be missed during these two days:

Tineco FLOOR ONE S5: a smart 2-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner

Despite its ultra-compact design and light weight of 4.5 kg, the FLOOR ONE S5 is one of the most complete stick vacuum cleaners on the market.

This combined model signed Tineco allows as much to vacuum as to wash the floors with clear water. And in one click, it can turn into a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust from every corner, on armchairs and even on furniture.

Once the device is launched, you no longer have to think about any settings. The vacuum cleaner takes care of all the cleaning-related settings for you. Thanks to its ILoop technology and its integrated sensors, the FLOOR ONE S5 automatically detects the type of dirt strewn on the floor and adjusts the suction power, the water flow rate and the friction force of the mop accordingly. . With each pass, this stick vacuum cleaner leaves behind a clean and dry floor. And once rested on its base, it self-cleans its washing roller.

Tineco has also planned everything so that your cleaning sessions are not interrupted in spite of you. Not only does the FLOOR ONE S5 display a good autonomy of 35 minutes, but in addition, the tank responsible for collecting dirty water and dust has a good capacity of 700 mL. Enough to clean up to 130 m² without any problems.

Finally, the FLOOR ONE S5 has the advantage of being silent and does not exceed 78 dB. During Prime Days, this 2-in-1 broom vacuum cleaner benefits from a nice reduction of 24% and thus sees its price fall from 500 to 378.87 euros for Prime subscribers.

Tineco FLOOR ONE S3: excellent value for money

Displayed at only 279.99 euros instead of 409 euros on the occasion of Prime Day, the FLOOR ONE S3 brings together most of the arguments of its successor, the FLOOR ONE S5. For this low price, you can indeed get a powerful and intelligent upright vacuum cleaner.

Like the S5, this one has the ILoop technology responsible for modulating the suction and floor washing power, as well as the self-cleaning mop system when the vacuum cleaner is placed on its base. As powerful as the FLOOR ONE S5, the S3 model also shares the same level of autonomy.

Ultimately, opting for the FLOOR ONE S3 involves only slight compromises. Its dirty water tank is slightly more compact and goes from 700 to 500 mL, a capacity that can still clean large apartments. Finally, unlike the superior version, the FLOOR ONE S3 cannot be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner and can therefore only be used on floors.

Tineco PURE ONE S15 Essentials: an upright vacuum cleaner designed for animal hair

Without suitable equipment, it is difficult to overcome all the dog and cat hair spread throughout the house. Tineco has in its catalog a product precisely designed for owners of hairy animals.

Offered for the occasion on Amazon at only 299 euros for Prime subscribers instead of the usual 399 euros, the Tineco PURE ONE S15 Essentials stick vacuum cleaner helps you easily remove all types of dust, including hair and hair from your four-legged companions.

Its ZeroTangle brush prevents them from tangling and indirectly reducing the performance of the device as you clean. It thus remains optimal, regardless of the debris encountered. The Pure Cyclone technology also comes as a reinforcement and prevents dust from clogging the pre-filter and causing a loss of suction. This also makes it possible to eliminate 99.9% of the particles contained in the exhaust air, a bonus for people suffering from allergies.

To all these advances is added the iLoop functionality, for fully automated suction power optimized according to the type of floor and the amount of dust to be captured.

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