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The YouTube catalog could land on your HomePod

YouTube Music could soon directly integrate HomePods, and be accessible by voice using Siri. If confirmed, this integration would allow the Google platform to have an additional advantage over its competitor Spotify… at least among certain users.

Apple Music and YouTube Music could soon offer, more or less, the same experience for HomePod owners. This is what we are learning this week MacRumors, which reports that Google’s music streaming service is about to be integrated directly with Siri on Apple’s connected speakers. Clearly, the service could then be triggered on a HomePod or a HomePod mini using a simple voice command.

The information originally comes from @aaronp613, on X (formerly Twitter). This user was able to find clues pointing to this integration after digging into the code of the YouTube Music application. The screenshot shared with his tweet notably shows the icon of Apple’s “Home” application (used to configure HomePods), as well as the relatively explicit “connect_with_homepod” mention.

YouTube Music could be available on your HomePods

Contained in the YouTube Music application, these elements alert you. They do indeed suggest that an integration of the service with HomePods would be relevant. It remains to be seen when, and in this case, it is still difficult to say. Note also that these indices do not definitively ensure that Google will indeed offer YouTube Music on Apple’s connected speakers… they simply allow us to see that things have been put in place to move towards this objective.

That said, this wouldn’t be the first time that third-party services have made their debut on HomePods. In the past, the brand has, for example, already integrated features available with Pandora, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and even TuneIn Radio.

We nevertheless know that despite the availability of SiriKit Media feature (introduced with iOS 14), Spotify has still not chosen to use this option to make things easier for its users equipped with HomePod. If YouTube Music has it, the service would therefore offer a significant advantage over its competitor. At least among a section of its subscribers.

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