The world’s largest Tesla Gigafactory is starting to get down to business

According to Mexican media, the first developments for Tesla’s Gigafactory in Mexico have begun. It is there that in the long term the future “Model 2” should be produced.

While we are still hanging on the lips of Elon Musk to know where the next Tesla Gigafactory will be located on the European continent, hoping that the discussions with President Emmanuel Macron will give France an advantage, on the other side of the world, it is the largest Gigafactory of the Californian brand which is beginning to emerge from the ground.

It would indeed seem that the Gigafactory Mexico is in the starting blocks, since according to several sources on site, construction machinery has been seen on the very site of the future factory. This was reported in particular by the local newspaper Milenio Quoted by Electrek.

Construction in record time

As a reminder, what was only a rumor for several months was confirmed last March during Tesla’s Investor Day, announcing the upcoming construction of this factory not far from the city of Monterrey, in Santa Catarina, in the state of Nuevo León, northeast Mexico.

But if Tesla was aiming to get to work quickly, even hoping for a record time for the construction of the factory by beating the nine-month gestation of the Giga Shanghai, it was still necessary to obtain all the building permits in good and due form. . This has still not been done, despite a governor on the spot who said he could give it quickly. This is reminiscent of the construction of the Giga Berlin, in Germany, which had begun before everything was in the nails administratively.

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• Machinery arrives on land where they will build Tesla’s Gigafactory in Santa Catarina.

– Construction work on the Tesla Gigafactory, announced on 1 March, has already begun on the building, which will be its headquarters in the municipality of Santa Catarina, New…

—Tsla Chan (@Tslachan) August 10, 2023

In any case for the moment, we cannot say that we can still see much on the spot according to the images of the video above. The Mexican journalist on site explains that for the time being, the first works would be those of the motorway exit ramp to lead precisely to the future Gigafactory.

A Tesla Model 2 “made in Mexico”

The Gigafactory Mexico represents a significant investment for Tesla of at least five billion dollars. It must be said that it is eagerly awaited in the overall plan, and remains a very ambitious project of the brand which consists in bringing production to no less than 20 million vehicles before the end of the decade. The Mexican factory should help it strongly with an annual production which will eventually be one million cars per year.

It must be said that it is there that Tesla notably plans to produce its future small car, the compact which we often hear about under the name of Tesla Model 2. The brand’s future robotaxi would also be produced on site.

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